Rejuvenate Your Business

In the spa industry, we are always talking about rejuvenating our clients. Rarely do I hear conversations about rejuvenating our business.This thought came to me as I attended one of our client’s grand opening last week. It was a great event! The mayor showed up for the ribbon cutting ceremony. They had a lot of TV and radio media, about 250 people attended.Needless to say, a lot of buzz and excitement was generated.Since the event, their phones have not stopped ringing!I keep checking in with them and they are still reserving appointments like mad.Why am I telling you this?Because hosting events is one of my favorite things to do to generate new business.So why not rejuvenate your business and host a re-grand opening event!

Here are some economical steps to “Rejuvenate Your Business”


You can enhance your spa’s appearance for the price of one facial.$100 worth of paint will give your spa a fresh and renewed look.Even if you don’t paint the entire place, painting a few accents on walls will change the entire look and feel of the spa.

lodi-20100916-000532. 2. New bed covers and scarves

I received many e-mails asking me where I bought the bed scarf in the picture I used in my last blog, many of you loved it!This is a table runner.You can find them anywhere for about $18/$25.Talking about a fresh look! All you need is a cover, a nice scarf and you’ve just rejuvenated your treatment rooms, and you did it for about $30 each!


3 Merchandising

Your spa boutique can look so much better with some props mixed in with your products.Stop lining up products one next to another; give your shelves some personality.You can buy props at Home Goods, Pier One, etc.Watch for sales and buy them when they are reduced.Your spa boutique should entice guests to look around and spend money. dsc06089

4.Menu options

Add a new treatment to your menu; fill a void you may not be fulfilling now.This will give you something to talk about to the media during your re-grand opening.You don’t have to reprint your menu, give the new treatment or program its own positioning. This will save a lot of money unless it is time to reprint new menus anyway.

5.Team Image

Upgrade your team’s image with a uniformed look. Again, it does not have to be expensive. It can even be a nice t-shirt with your logo on it with new name tags, and your entire team will have a new image.

Once your business rejuvenation is complete, plan your re-grand opening event. Enjoy the buzz! Your event will generate all kinds of new opportunities and get your phone ringing off the hook!!

We host a “CoachMe” Call once per month. It’s a group coaching call where we discuss different topics to help spa professionals with their business. Last week, I had one of our clients as a special guest on the call, Natalie Spencer from the Renaissance European Day Spa.I met Natalie almost 3 years ago and we have been working together every since.Our firm helped them plan their re-grand opening and we generated $180K in fitness and spa sales.They had just remodeled their facility. Their event is still generating revenue!You can do this too. Get motivated and rejuvenate your business now!

Want to learn about the CoachMe Silver Tier Membership? Visit It‘s our way of giving back to the spa community.

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