Time, Work and Family

shutterstock_46079152Lat weekend was my great niece’s birthday.Isabella turned one year old, yes one!She is the most beautiful and well behaved little princess.As I was looking around the party filled with other little kids and their parents, everyone was having a great time. It got me thinking about how quickly time goes by.

It took me back to when my son, Charlie, was one year old and how great his first birthday party was. It seemed like it was just yesterday. Now, he is almost 6 feet tall and 13 years old!But what was really awakening, was realizing my nephew’s friends were now grown up, married and had their own kids!My sister and I were the oldest people there!Where does the time go?

You probably feel like I do. We spend most of our time working, not enough time living and building memories. or maybe not.

Let’s talk about BALANCE.This is something I struggle with. What about you?Balance between, work, family, friends, and self.It’s much easier said than done.Do you know someone who has mastered BALANCE?If you do, please share their secrets with the rest of us.

We all have responsibilities. We all have to work or most of us anyway…I really try to have more balance but I have to admit, that is one area I could use help. I am what you call a workaholic. Is there a remedy for workaholics?

Here are some interesting statistics you might find interesting on how we spend our time.

Wall Street Journal reports:

The average executive loses 6 weeks per year searching for missing documents.

USA Today:

Americans waste 9 million hours every day looking for misplaced items.

How do you spend your time?

Check out the statistics below and look at how much time people spend talking to family members. 30 minutes per day talking to their kids!That’s not enough time is it?

we spend:

7 years in the bathroom

6 years eating

5 years standing in line

3 years in meetings

8 month opening junk mail

6 month on red lights…

There are so many things to distract us…TV, internet, video games, radio, text messaging, iphone, ipad, movies, shopping, etc. How much time is left?Things are so different now than just ten years ago.I was coming back from a trip last week last week and on the plane sitting across from me was a little girl, maybe two at the most, lying in her dad’s lap. She had his iPad and she was maneuvering through it like a pro.It’s amazing to me how occupied our kids are now… Can you imagine how they are going to be spending their time ten years from now?

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