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Reach A Higher Level Of Course For Success

Here we are welcoming the last quarter of this year. Many things are happening this month, beginning with my birthday on October 3rd, and it’s a big one for me😊 Shhhh… We are also hosting a mastermind meeting for all members.

Medical Aestehtics Success Book

We have had such a great response regarding my newest book,

Medical Aesthetics Success - your Business in the Black.

Go to: and get a copy!

Read or watch the Dori Talks and learn about feeding the right wolf. Do you know that story? It’s a great metaphor for living….read more


Also, check-out the Product of the Month and get your Forecasting and Budget Set Up For Your Medical Aesthetics Practice. Purchase this program and we will donate 20% to the Breast Cancer Foundation.


The Member Spotlight goes to a new High Achiever member, Dr. Treto-Cabrera. She was able to double her aesthetic revenue read…read more


We are expanding; meet the new team members who are here to help you elevate your success!


Happy October to all!

Dori and Team

Happy October!

I was reading the Millionaire Success Habits last week and the author, Dean Graziosi, reminded me of a story of the two wolves. We are talking about the two wolves that live inside us all and that are always battling each other.


Even if you know the story of The Wolf You Feed, it is important to refresh your memory, as it delivers new wisdom each time. It’s a story about an old grandfather who was teaching his grandson about life. He said to his grandson, “A fight goes on inside us...Read More

Happy October!

During my corporate career, October was a busy month for the leadership team. It was madness at the resort where I worked. Everyone was running around including me - like crazy working on their financials, forecasting, and budgeting for the following year. As a business consulting firm for medical aesthetics, we ask new clients if they forecast their success and if they have an annual budget; in most cases, the answer is “no.”


Most don’t have one because it’s a difficult task to take on if you don’t have the right tools and directions on how to do it. That is where we come to the rescue. I want to introduce you to this amazing product called Forecasting and Budgeting for medical spas.


This medical aesthetics forecasting and budgeting program provides you with everything you need to create and manage your finances.


You’ll receive:

  • A video explanation on how to forecast and budget for your medical spa
  • 2 Excel files that are preformatted with formulas to calculate your numbers and make the process super easy
  • A step-by-step process on how to forecast and create an annual budget

It's time to have a financially healthy medspa.


Regular price: $1,995

Sale price: $1,495

Happy October!


Dr. Treto- Cabrera is a physician who has been in practice for seven years in family med/OB. Four months ago, she opened a medspa. She is currently building her team and has BIG dreams for succeeding and expanding in the future.


We met Dr. Treto- Cabrera at a Medical Empire conference where she received a copy of Dori’s Book, “How to Make Million$ with your Medical Spa.”


She said, “I cannot give enough praise to this book. It is concise & has valuable information for anyone in the medspa business. I finished the book and started focusing on increasing my volume per guest, and I was able to double my revenue for the month even though I took a week off to celebrate my birthday!


I loved the business information so much that my husband and I decided to become members. We are now High Achiever members with InSPAration Management, and we are ready to make the business soar. Thanks InSPAration Management.”


This is a picture of their daughter Luna, who is 19 months old, loving on the bear that we received from InSPAration Management after joining. "She is my motivation!”

If you are new to medical spa industry, or looking to improve your current medical spa ask, us about becoming a member.

Not a member?

Happy October!

Complimentary Webinar Available On Demand

 Are you learning how to become an injector or a wellness provider, but not sure which career path to take? Or maybe you’ve had your clinical training and now you are trying to explore career options? If so, watch the webinar on demand.


Discover 8 strategies to set you up for success!

Happy October!
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