I was reading the Millionaire Success Habits last week and the author, Dean Graziosi, reminded me of a story of the two wolves. We are talking about the two wolves that live inside us all and that are always battling each other.

Even if you know the story of The Wolf You Feed, it is important to refresh your memory, as it delivers new wisdom each time. It’s a story about an old grandfather who was teaching his grandson about life. He said to his grandson, “A fight goes on inside us.”

It is a terrible fight, and it is between two wolves. One is bad—he is angry, greedy, arrogant. He has self-pity; he thinks the whole world is against him and everything is bad and unpleasant. He believes that people are out to get him. Nothing good ever happens for that wolf. Why? Because it’s a negative, pessimistic animal, always seeing things as a glass half empty.

He continued: “The other wolf is good—he is joy, peace, positive, full of love, hope, serenity, and compassion. He is kind, generous, compassionate, and has faith that he can accomplish anything he puts his heart and soul into. This wolf sees the bright side of everything and constantly sees things as the glass is half full.

The same fight is going on inside you–and inside every other person, too.”

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather: “Which wolf will win?”

The grandfather simply replied, “The one you feed… The one you feed.”

My question to you is, which wolf are you feeding? Are you a force for the good, or is there a bad wolf inside you that is keeping you from advancing your career and enjoying all that life has to offer?

In this Dori Talks, I am sharing 8 Strategies to Help you Feed the Right Wolf and Succeed with your medical aesthetics or medical spa business.

1. Redefine your purpose

Most of us work within the medical spa industry, so we can earn a living, take care of our families, and provide them with a great lifestyle. Some injectors, physicians, and entrepreneurs do that very well and prosper, while others barely make ends meet. Why is that? It’s because they are caught up in the bad battle, and they are not clear on their purpose. They are stuck; they are on the hamster wheel; they are repeating the same things over and over and expecting different results; they are feeding the bad wolf instead of the good one.

Start by asking yourself, why are you doing what you do? Why are you working in the medspa industry? What are you trying to accomplish? What would you like to change about your life?

What is your purpose? It all starts there. When you clarify your purpose, you will be able to keep moving ahead and get better and better! So go ahead, clarify your purpose, and rise up!

2. Self-awareness

Self-awareness will help you monitor the fight that’s going on inside of you. Are you letting the bad wolf or the bad people around you influence your decisions and keep you from achieving a positive outcome? When you are self-aware of what is going on inside you and around you, you’ll make sure it’s all a force for the good, then your chances of succeeding are a lot greater, and you won’t be stuck in the weeds. Don’t be on autopilot and just go through the motion of existing; be aware of your own actions and thoughts. The more you are aware of your actions, the more control you will have over your life, the better the outcome. Don’t let others rain on your parade. God knows there are many bad wolves around. Turn on your self-awareness, shut down the bad wolf, and feed the good wolf.

3. Self-development

The medical spa industry employs 70K professionals. Many focus on clinic studies but forget about the importance of generating revenue and the importance of running a successful business. Many people feed the bad wolf. They want to earn high wages but don’t really contribute enough value to the business.

I hear from leaders who are InSPA members and often, they complain to me that their teams are not into recommending and upgrading, cross promoting, or enrolling medical spa clients into the VIP program. They want to show up to work, do their treatments and leave. That behavior is not going to advance your career. That behavior is characteristic of feeding the bad wolf. He is stopping you from charting a great career path. Commit to business and clinical self-development and training and watch your career soar. Be the best professional you can be! Always refine your skills, so you can succeed.

4. Courage to change

In my newest book, Medical Aesthetics Success – your Business in Black! I included a chapter on how to welcome change and be open to it so that you can transform your life for the good.

If you notice that you are not being a team player and not open to feedback and self-improvements (or maybe you are not as healthy as you should be—you smoke, have a negative attitude and are always saying, “it’s just my luck, or I am not good at selling,” or dwelling on something bad that happened 10 years ago), it’s time for change. Feed your good wolf. Be courageous and welcome change into your life; once you do, great things will appear when you least expect them.

5. Set new goals

Write your medical aesthetics goals down for both service and retail and keep them in front of you all the time. This practice will help keep you positive and on the right track. It’s wise to have short term, medium range, and long-term goals in three categories: 1. Personal 2. Business 3. Spiritual.

It’s the best feeling in the world to set goals, then see them become a reality. Get into that habit. Small goals add up to big goals, help you gain momentum, and promote growth and success. Have confidence, and always stretch and aim for productivity and growth.

6. Assess your inner circle

Your inner circle can have bad wolves in it who will influence you in a bad way. Time to assess who is influencing you. Do you have negative people in it or positive people? I had a longtime friend who was in my inner circle and was always very negative. She was so negative that she would get mad at me for trying to get her to be positive, or because I was always positive. After many years of trying to help her, I gave up. Though I was strong with my positivity, it drained me to be around her. Assess who is in your inner circle, who is helping you, and who is hurting you, then take necessary steps to surround yourself with positive forces and leave negativity behind.

7. Measure and reward yourself

Continually measure your performance! During the Olympics, records are always broken. That usually happens when a player is extremely passionate about what he/she is doing. They continually measure and improve until they are positioned and prepared to break records. Isn’t it time you break records?

Get motivated, be happy, be positive, be thankful, count your blessings, and feed the good wolf. Don’t whine, be negative or complain; that will only take you down rabbit holes. Be a positive force, enjoy life and be a winner!

8. Kill the bad wolf & feed the good one

The bottom line is, you need to kill the bad wolf or the villain inside you. If you don’t, it will pull you down a dark tunnel and misery. It’s time to rise-up and live the life you deserve. You decide the kind of life you want and can live. We are surrounded with negativity. It takes a strong mind and will to fight it, but fight it you must. Stay away from everything bad and surround yourself with everything good. Feed the good wolf and implement the 8 eight strategies and watch your life transform for the better.

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