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Happy March 2023 Newsletter Cover

Hello Spring!

I love March; it’s all about renewal. From nature, to relationships, to business, etc, it’s the time of the year to conduct spring-cleaning, get organized, refocus and refresh.

It’s also the month we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and get the luck of the Irish!

Help us congratulate the recent Leap Ahead graduates who joined us last month. They are now armed and ready for a great year!

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Tip Of The Month

Watch the book gathering and discover successful habits to help you elevate your success and your life.

  1. Begin with the end in mind

Focus on the results and the outcome you desire.

  1. Positive communication

Stay away from negativity and always use positive communication.

  1. Be solution focused

Don’t just bring up the problem recommend a solution.

  1. Be proactive instead of busy

Manage your time wisely and be productive instead of busy.

  1. Think win-win-win

When presenting or recommending offer solutions.

  1. Always be professional

When with guests or team members always conduct your self in a professional manner.

  1. Measure your performance daily

Monitoring your performance daily will help you stay on track and insures growth.

Join us for the next Book Gathering as we go through each chapter.

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