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You might be thinking:

Instead of… being frustrated with your finances, overwhelmed and exhausted from running your day-to-day operations…

Instead of… barely breaking even due to incorrect pricing, lack of marketing, and the wrong compensation model all which leads to low or no profits.

There Is A Better Way…

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Remember the reason you went into business?

You wanted to have more freedom, less stress, and make more money.
Instead you end up working harder, making less money, and having more stress.

Wouldn’t it be great to do what you want, when you want…
without wondering, “Can I Afford It, or Can I Really Do This?”

The LEAP Ahead Leadership Seminar will help you reach success the fastest way possible!

You’ll no longer have to beat your head against the wall trying to figure it all out for yourself. Your days of using the “trial and error” approach to building your business are over. When you attend the LEAP Ahead Seminar, you’ll get all the information you need and business strategies that you could implement immediately to help you get closer to your goals. You’ll be able to get your investment back over and over again and MORE!

Leap Ahead Graduates

It’s unbelievable the information and knowledge that Dori has. LEAP Ahead is like nothing else I’ve ever done. I’ve done multiple seminars and this, by far, has been the best one. I can’t wait to get back to Austin to implement all of what we’ve learned here today.
Dr. Daniel Leeman, Daniel J. Leeman MD
in Austin, Texas

Your Blueprint For Success

Part 1

The Secrets to Creating your Marketing Plan and Implementing Effective Marketing Strategies to Help you Lead Qualified Traffic to your Medspa or Spa

You will receive A STEP-BY-STEP Marketing Plan that you can implement into your business right away … this plan is PROVEN effective by people just like you, when implemented you will increase your capacity and your revenue.

You will be able to attract the right clientele to your business and have a herd of raving fans who talk about you come to your medspa and become repeat clients for a lifetime. (This is like getting the keys to Fort Knox!)

The secret to hosting Six-Figure Events, so you can introduce your medspa to new guests and generate thousands of dollars for you. (This will be a HUGE moneymaker … but only if you know how to do it right.)

How to get your website to work for you 24/7. Most people’s websites don’t work. We will share with you how you can generate leads and revenue from your website. Discover the secrets most designers don’t know about. (Most medspa/spa owners really mess up the “website” portion of their business… but we’re not going to let this happen to you!)

How to build Business-2-Business relationships to grow your database so you can market to them and turn them into clients. (most medspas/spas NEVER do this!)

How to implement cross-promoting opportunities with your team to take the same clients that are coming in and offering them more options. This strategy alone will help you increase your business without increasing your marketing costs…if you’re not using these strategies, you’re missing out! We will change all that.

You will also discover how to write and convert your marketing messages into the lead generation machine. You will lead people to Landing Pages to Opt-in and help you build your prospect and client list fast. You’ll be able to learn the secrets to copywriting, to consistently building your database, and to creating promotions that will generate sales and revenue for your medspa/spa.

You Will Learn how to...

Create Marketing
Campaigns That Convert

Postion & Brand
Your Business

Attract New Prospects
With Videos

Keep Them Engaged
With Social Media

Strategies that are irresistible to your target audience. (Your competition will NEVER know this!)

Implementing a recurring revenue model

Learn how to create a Recurring Revenue Model with the C.O.P.I.E. System, so you can have more stability and certainty in your business. In case we go through another Coronavirus shutdown. Many CoachMe Mastermind members were still profitable during the pandemic due to the recurring revenue model. This could also be you.

You will learn the S.A.C.R.E.D. System; How to Minimize Performing A La Carte Treatments and Instead Customize Programs. You will learn how to develop and offer a VIP Membership for your clients to come and see you over and over and over.

You will also discover strategies to help you and your team perform effective online consultations with the W.E.D.A.R.E. System.

And reach hundreds and thousands of people by hosting revenue generating webinars, allowing you to position yourself as an expert and convert attendees into clients.

When you claim your ticket and you schedule the time to be with us, these first three modules will help you complete your marketing plan and achieve the following results.

Expected Results

When your marketing plan is complete you can enjoy more revenue, increase profits, and less stress.

Julie Acarregui


PURE Medical Spa in Meridian, ID

Since the Leap Ahead seminar, Dori came to Idaho to train my team and speed up the implementation process. As a result, we were able to increase our business by $1.1 million over last year. I highly recommend the Leap Ahead seminar to anyone who is seeking to improve their business.

Part 2

Achieving Financial Health!

Having a healthy business is what every entrepreneur strives for but very few succeed. There are systems and structure that you need to implement to ensure financial health.

Here are the most common mistakes we find in regard to finances:

Most Medspa/Spa owners have the wrong compensation model.
No projections or forecasting, No budget, No Key Performance Indicators, No motivating bonuses, No financial tracking and monitoring.

All those lead to a depleted profit line and lack of success.

We’ll go over what the optimum financial ratios are in your medspa/spa business … what they should be and how you can change them (This is how you “gauge” the health of your medspa/spa). You’ll even get proprietary tools for calculating your financial numbers so you don’t have to do the work.

You will receive the VPG Compensation Model, a Performance-Based Compensation Plan — Exclusive to InSPAration Management.

We will teach you how to utilize the budgeting tool you will receive to help you manage your business instead of it managing you. This allows you to know how much revenue is coming in and going out of your medspa/spa — knowing these numbers will help you plan your financial health and will guarantee your success.

How to monitor your finances so you can “tweak” things here and there in order to get the results you want. (Most business owners, physicians, directors, & leaders don’t know how to do this — and it’s like driving from New York to Los Angeles without a roadmap!)

Know which performance reports to monitor so you know what the heartbeat of your business is and what could use a little resuscitation (This alone will put you head and shoulders above your competition).

You’ll also learn how to price your treatments for profit and implement new revenue streams to keep your clients satisfied and fulfill their needs.

Maciek Lyko


Spa Mariana in Birmingham, MI

If it wasn’t for Dori, I wouldn’t be where I am. We just opened our second location. Next week, I’m opening a third location. All of this is only because of her. After my first LEAP Ahead seminar, my revenue went up 40 percent!

Part 3

How To Boost Your Medspa/Spa Revenue & Profits

How to turn your Guest Relations from order takers to Revenue Generators by Implementing the 3 C’s (Call management, check-in and check-out). You will be able to maximize profit and turn your reception center into a TRUE revenue generation center (They’re not there just to take phone calls!). You’ll also receive the Guest Relations webinar.

Teach the P.R.I.D.E. System to your team so they are able to make professional recommendations, improving the guest experience and generating revenue for themselves and the business. Access to tools and forms will make implementing these recommendation processes easier — getting your team to recommend your products and treatments can be as easy as 1, 2, 3!

How to boost your client value for both retail products (the biggest missed revenue opportunities) and treatment upgrades –this is the hidden profit that’s ready to be awakened in your business!

These are the keys to generating geometric growth in your medspa/spa business … including how to set team targets, rewards and consequences. This assures your growth is constantly moving up instead of stagnating.


Erika Wilson


Columbia Laser Skin in The Dalles, OR

After meeting Dori, I loved her energy and I immediately signed up for her CoachMe Mastermind program! I have incorporated so much in such a short period of time into our practice. I’m loving every minute of it!

Part 4

How To Build Your Dream Team

The C.L.A.R.I.T.I Team Building System is designed to help you with the recruiting and the hiring process of a productive team. You want to be selective as to who you hire… this system will give you the ultimate blueprint for recruiting, hiring and building a high-performing team for your medspa/spa.

We will also discover the I.C.A.R.E. Coaching System. This model is going to help you coach your way to success. Implementing this system will help you develop your team skills and improve overall performance. You will have a training and coaching culture with the team that has them continually striving to learn and improve.

How to set goals, performance expectations and rewards… you will learn how to host monthly team meetings to discuss goals, rewards, and to recognize the team for their last month’s performance.

The secret for establishing career paths for your team — this will allow you to build a stronger business since each member of your team will be motivated and driven.

These are untold steps for keeping your team motivated, energized and engaged. This will ensure they perform at their best every single day while they’re working with you.

Steps to implementing the Daily Success Planning meeting to tap into opportunities that are available to you on a daily basis.


Lynda Lazzaro


The Spa at Aestique in Greenburg, PA

Since the Leap Ahead seminar, we were able to increase our business by implementing the system and strategies Dori teaches. We were able to increase Service Revenue 78.60%, Retail Revenue 83.41%, and Membership Sales 108.70%.

Part 5

Becoming A Leader Others Want To Follow

You’ll learn to best flex your communication style in order to positively influence others by understanding behavioral styles, improving communication skills and applying these strategies.

You will gain the unbeatable characteristics and skills you need to become an effective medspa/spa leader (Miss out on these and you’ll run a subpar business).

How to establish a clear vision, mission and values you can carry out. This will set the standard for your business — a standard your team members will emulate.

The secret to being transparent in your business … how to share the organization with your team to improve buy-in. (This will engender trust with your team members).

How to effectively delegate tasks and manage your time — this is VERY important so you can get more done in less time without any hassle.

Leadership dos and don’ts that could make or break you or your business. This is extremely important … otherwise your business will sink like quicksand.

How To Deliver a “WOW” Guest Experience

How to create a memorable guest experience so they’ll tell their friends about you. This is one of these things you can do to gain an edge over your competition!

The secret to designing unique rituals and treatment protocols that your guests have never seen before … this will put you in Category One in your guests’ minds!

How to create a unique story and image for your medspa/spa so that it’s a no-brainer for prospects to do business with you … this will set you apart from your competition.

How to gain reviews and testimonials as part of the guest experience!


leap ahead agenda

Don’t worry if you are not available on the dates. The sessions will be recorded and posted on your private page and you will have access to the information for one year.

Available On Demand At Med Spa University – Purchase Ticket To Gain Access.

Available On Demand At Med Spa University – Purchase Ticket To Gain Access.

Available On Demand At Med Spa University – Purchase Ticket To Gain Access.

Available On Demand At Med Spa University – Purchase Ticket To Gain Access.

A total of 12 life-changing modules to help you lead a happier, less stressful life of more freedom,
with a business that does not require you to be there all the time.

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Effective Team Building

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Annual Marketing Plan

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Guest Relations

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Most frequently asked questions

Everyone (business owners, entrepreneurs, start-ups, business partners, husband/wife teams, and anyone who wants to expand their career and grow their business).

This is not another action-less motivational seminar.

During this event, you will learn the practical skills needed to move your business ahead.

You will learn an A to Z business model to grow your business.

The Leap Ahead Seminar is a 3-day Event

With your registration, you will receive the following:
Your Financial Blueprint
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Don’t Sell, “Recommend”!
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Annual Marketing Plan
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Guest Relations
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VPG Compensation Innovation
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Effective Team Building
$149 Value!

LEAP Ahead Workbook
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Your LEAP Ahead binder and an open mind!

No. The LEAP Ahead Conference is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws. Any unauthorized recording is strictly prohibited. The materials provided at the event are also protected by copyright and other laws.

Your Event Host
Dori Soukup

As an author, a speaker, a seven-figure business advisor, and founder of InSPAration Management, Dori has helped and continues to help thousands of people improve their business and reach ultimate success.

Dori has perfected a medical spa business model. She is willing to share with you all the systems, structure, strategies and solutions you need to succeed. She calls it the 4 S’s.

We’re inviting you to attend the Virtual LEAP Ahead seminar and receive a proven effective business model that will lead you to millions. This event is designed with you in mind. You will walk away with a plethora of insight and information to help you transform your current business and reach a new level of success.

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