Is Direct Mail Still Worthwhile?



“Is Direct Mail Still Worthwhile?”

I’m actually on my way to go get a golf lesson. So I thought I’ll do this video real quick before I hit the range with my instructor and then play nine holes.

The Question Of The Week came to us from Sylvie from New York. And she’s asking, “Is direct mail still something that’s worthwhile? It is expensive and I was wondering if I should make the investment.”

Direct mail is definitely still alive and well. I just received the latest issue of the Neiman Marcus catalog in the mail. They send it to me because I’ve spent a lot of money at Neiman Marcus.

This is an amazing catalog. Can you imagine the print costs and the shipping costs of this catalog? So, is it worth it for them to send it out? For sure! Because you know what I did, I decided my next wardrobe for the season out of this catalog.

I also got a catalog from Escada, because I love their jackets. I’m an Escada girl as well. It is absolutely beautiful. Very expensive paper. Same thing, by the way, with the Neiman Marcus.

So, is it worth it for them to send someone like me this kind of catalog? Yes, for sure! So direct mail still works.

As a matter of fact, Neiman Marcus also sent me a postcard. And they use it the way we teach. Your gift, or as I usually say, a gift for you. They’ve giving away a backpack as a gift, which is nice.

Sometimes I go into Pier 1 and shop, so they send their catalog. Barnes and Noble. This is my second home. As you see, I love books. So they still send postcards in the mail with different coupons. I’m a member, but you get additional coupons that you can save money.

So yes, direct mail is definitely still kicking. Here’s a direct mail piece we recently designed for a client.

The only thing is you have to be careful. One mistake that people make is they spend the money on the direct mail piece and you’re right, it is very expensive. But if we don’t drive them somewhere to actually opt-in and give their information, then you just wasted thousands and thousands of dollars on your direct mail piece.

As a matter of fact, I was just doing a private coaching call with Titanium members. They went ahead and sent out their grand opening invitation without talking to me first. They got a spanking for that one!

They sent out this expensive direct mail piece and there was no place to take them to RSVP. Don’t do that… If you are going to do direct mail, there is a proper way to do it.

I would recommend you call me up and set up a CoachMe private call. I can save you and make you a ton of money. Because there is an art to direct mail.

You’re not Neiman, you’re not Escada, you’re not just going to send information without a call to action and without capturing their information! I just gave you a huge, huge tip. So make sure you do that. So give me a call. I’ll help you set it up.

And now, I’m off to play some golf.

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Until next time, stay inspired!

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