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Here we go…hello November. It’s finally getting a little cooler in Florida. November is the month that reminds all of us to be thankful and count all of our blessings. Speaking of blessings, this is what I want to share with you this month: How to be More Blessed Financially, so you can have a healthy business and become wealthier.

Have you read the book Acres of Diamonds? It’s an old book but a great one! Written by Russell H. Conwell, it’s a true story about a man who sold his land in search of wealth. Read the Featured Article and discover your Acres of Diamonds
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In the Bright Idea – Discover Your Path to Riches.
Now is the time to…read more.

In the Dori Recommends – Gain Financial Health!
It’s the time of the year to prepare your financial goals for next year! Join us for a webinar to discover how to budget and how to monitor your financial health…read more.

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Ensuring Financial Health…read more.

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