InSPAration Moments • Note – May 2020

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Happy May!

As we navigate through the Coronavirus pandemic, I’m sure you agree with me that almost every situation has a positive and negative. The negative is that the world lost many good people 🙁 a mother, a father, a brother, a sister, or maybe a friend or a colleague… our prayers go out to them and to those who lost loved ones.

For me there are many positives in the midst of the storm. One big positive point is seeing is how this virus is making everyone take a second look at the lives we are living, the businesses that we run, the families that we are part of, being at home, and reflecting on our lives. What did we like about it? What would we like to improve? What would make you happy?

Ask yourself… (I did this last weekend)

What makes you happy in your personal life?

What makes you happy in your professional life?

Make a list, write it down and look at it. How many things on the list fit your life pre-corona? And how many things need to be changed moving forward that will make you happy? Push that reset button and do things that will make you happy, from now on.

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Yes, it’s May, Happy Mother’s Day to all!

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