InSPAration Moments • Note – March 2020

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Happy March!

Here we are moving into spring. Yes, spring is all about change and growth. We are getting ready to help you grow your medi spa or spa in a big way. We are hosting a great event called the Super Conference in Dallas in April! I did a webinar for you as a preview. It’s on how to “Fall in Love with Change and Make Millions.” Go watch it and check out all the details of the Super Conference here!

This month, we are focusing on the importance of your medical spa and spa business model. Read the Featured article and discover essential principles to having a successful business model.

When I start working closely with new clients, I often find that they don’t have a defined business model to operate their spa or medi spa successfully. In this article, you will read about the importance of having one so you can reach the success you…
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In the Bright Idea. Watch “Fall in Love with Change and Make a Ton of Money!” A must-watch webinar to see how people like you made an extra million in sales…read more

In the Dori Recommends.
Join us for the new Recipes for Success Volume 2, Module 2: High Performance Pays Off.

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Are you ready to get your hands on an effective business model?
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Dallas, TX, April 26th, 27th, 28th
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