InSPAration Moments • Note – January 2020

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January issue of InSPAration Moments!

Happy New Year!

The theme of 2020 is, “Leap Into Multiple 7 Figures In Revenue!” We will help you accomplish this mission.

How? Start by reading my new book: How To Make Million$ With Your Medical Spa!

Read the featured article and discover “Essential Steps to Assess Your Business” and create your goals for 2020. Read more

In the Bright Idea. Discover the value of your time. Don’t be BUSY this year, be PRODUCTIVE instead! Read more

In the Dori Recommends. Step out of the comfort zone!
Recipes for Success Volume ll is the ideal business training for your team.
Read more

InSPAration Specials
Recipes for Success!

Happy New Year!

Important Dates

Leap Ahead Business Seminar
February 10-12
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