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Becoming a Millionaire!

In my consulting firm, I work with many entrepreneurs who generate millions per year in revenue. Does that make them millionaires? No, because in most cases, they will generate about 20% in profit if they are very good. So, it will take a few years of doing this to make your first million. But even then, by the time you paid all your bills, you will be lucky to put some money aside to save your first million. So how do you chart a path to becoming a millionaire?

In this issue, we will focus on all aspects of becoming a millionaire.

How to Become a Millionaire Owning a Med Spa

First, let’s define what is a Millionaire.

  • “When you have a ton of money”
  • “When you no longer have to work”
  • “When you are rich”

A millionaire is a person who has an income of $250k and up, a net worth of $3 to $10 million. Those people earn 40% of all U.S. income and control 70% of the U.S. net worth.

Are you a millionaire? If you are, congratulations!

Here are 10 common characteristics and traits of millionaires:

1. Focused, Set Goals
Millionaires are focused. They never give up on their goals. Normal people have good intentions, but when things get tough, they give up. But millionaires persist.

2. Keep Learning
If you read biographies of millionaires and billionaires, they always talk about the importance to keep learning. The minute you stop learning, the minute you flat line and become like everyone else. The more you learn, the more you earn.

3. Thinking Big
Millionaires think about the future and how big it can really get. If you are going to go to work every day, you might as well think big and accomplish big things.

4. Taking Action
Millionaires don’t just talk about getting things done. They actually take action and accomplish things.

5. Recruit Talent
To become a millionaire, it takes a team. Millionaires are always looking for and recruiting talent.

6. Train and Invest in Team Development
To succeed, you must train your team. Training is an investment that pays off. The more you train, the closer you are to becoming a millionaire.

7. Know How to Market Themselves and Their Business
As a medi spa owner, you have to be clever with your marketing. People don’t have to have what you sell. It’s not a life or death situation. We are talking about discretionary income. That is why you have to be very smart about your pricing and your strategy. You need to attract the affluent.

8. Know How to Lead and Influence
The phrase lead by example is TRUE. Millionaires are great leaders. They know how to communicate their message and influence people to get things done.

9. Belong to Mastermind Groups
To be a millionaire, you need to be around Millionaires. They usually belong to leadership groups such Mastermind groups.

10. They Give Back
To receive, it’s important to give back. It can be time, money, knowledge, etc. Give back.

Do you want to become a millionaire and live the lifestyle you deserve? Join us for The Millionaires’ Circle and let us show you the way. To learn more, go to

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