We Are Inviting YOU
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The Millionaires’ Circle!

Attention Leaders, Medi Spa
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If you are tired of working hard and not getting the results you want, you have got to spend some time on this page and discover how you can be making millions $$$!

For the past 19 years, my team and I have been perfecting a Medi Spa and Spa Business Model to help entrepreneurs avoid costly mistakes by implementing effective strategies that lead to


So, if you are a business owner who is tired of reinventing the wheel and are looking for ways to earn more money and live the lifestyle you deserve to live…

We Are Inviting You To Step Into The Millionaires’ Circle!

What Is The Millionaires' Circle?

You're invited to watch the video and preview the system you will learn during the seminar!

Gain Access To Step Into The Millionaires’ Circle

The Millionaires' Circle is a four-day seminar where we teach you the T.M.S.P. System.

The system is designed to target the affluent. The affluent represent 20% of the US population and they are people who make over $100K per year. Currently, most Medi Spas and Spas market to all consumers.

They market to consumers who can't afford the treatments and products that are offered. Therefore, they offer discounts and participate in PRICE WAR GAMES. This leads to depleted profit lines.

When you attend The Millionaires' Circle Seminar, you will gain the knowledge on how to find the affluent consumers in your community, attract them to come to you, and purchase your treatments and your products.

Discover The T.M.S.P. System

Target To The Affluent Work smarter, not harder.

If you are going to get up and go to work every day, you might as well cater to the people who can afford you and are willing to pay you top dollar for your expertise and what you do. Learn where to find the affluent and how to effectively target them & lead them to your business.

The Millionaires' Lifestyle!

Market To The Affluent Marketing is the lifeblood of your business.

This seems obvious. Frequently, people make mistakes with their approach and they attract the wrong clientele. Attracting your ideal clients (the affluent) and converting them into new clients isn't as straightforward as you expect. There is a special process to market effectively. During the seminar, you will discover proven marketing methods to market to the affluent.

More Freedom… More Time With Family & Friends!

Sell To The Affluent Selling to the affluent is not the same as selling to the average consumer.

You need to use different techniques to sell to the affluent. They like dealing with experts, classy, and knowledgeable professionals who will provide them with solutions to reach their goals and/or fulfill their needs. Do you know how to sell to the affluent? You will Learn how to sell to the affluent & maximize your revenue.

Buy Anything…Anytime!

Profit From The Affluent High paying clients plump up your profit line.

Pricing plays a key role in how much profit you can generate from the treatments & products you sell.

I will show you a formula on how to EXACTLY price your treatments & products to ensure high profit margins.

Give Back!

Your Event Host

Dori is an author, global speaker, consultant, mentor and business developer. Her passion is developing business systems, strategies, and solutions to help professionals succeed. For the past 19 years, Dori has and continues to help Medi Spa and Spa professionals elevate their success through effective business models that are easy to implement.

Dori's goal is to arm you with the latest and most innovative business strategies to help you succeed faster so you can live the life you deserve.

We invite you to join us for The Millionaires' Circle! This is the newest program offered by InSPAration Management and conducted by Dori.

Dori developed the T.M.S.P. system so people like you gain a blueprint on how to become a millionaire.

"I wanted to create a new program that will help you transform your life! You should be working less for more. No need for you to keep trying to reinvent the wheel we have perfected. Now, I am ready to share it with you!" — Dori Soukup

We look forward to seeing you at the next Millionaires' Circle!

This is a high-level management and leadership seminar designed to help you step into The Millionaires' Circle.


"I am just getting back to the office after an AMAZING experience with Dori at the Leap Ahead Conference in Orlando. I am so excited to start implementing all the incredible information that Dori shared with us at the event. I am also loving all the fantastic resources available to me through my Platinum Coach Me program. My only regret… is that I didn't know Dori 14 years ago when I first started my MedSpa. I HIGHLY recommend the Platinum CoachMe Program! You won't want to miss the Leap Ahead Event. It is incredibly invaluable!"

Erika Wilson BS, MHS

Columbia Laser Skin Center, The Dalles, OR

"I have learned many strategies to help us build our new medical spa. I'm so excited to go home and start implementing. I'm a little overwhelmed, but I know where to go. I also joined the Platinum group to get more help. So I'm so excited about being part of the InSPAration Community. I want to thank Dori so much, and her team is just unbelievable! Need a Blueprint to Medi Spa or Spa Business Success? Attend the next Leap Ahead Medi Spa & Spa Business Seminar!"

Dr. LeAnn Haddock

Love Glow Studio, Dallas, TX

"You have truly been instrumental in the structuring, organizing and launching, The Esthetics Center and our new practice! With your help we now have the foundation we need to have a profitable business right out of the gate. Thank you for all the materials & inspired advice on literally every aspect of the business. A side benefit is to settle any differences in thoughts on how to proceed by having you and your team so accessible to give such sound, bold advice. Every meeting with you has been incredibly valuable."

John Wheeler

The Esthetics Center, El Dorado Hills, CA

"I am a successful entrepreneur with over 100 employees in my real estate business and was going to someone for my rejuvenation treatments and decided I want to open a Med SPA because i can do it better! I Met Dori at a conference and decided to join her programs. So happy I did! Reflections Med Spa has grown 37% by implementing the InSPAration Management tools and systems. Dori truly cares about her client's success and goes the extra mile.
Thank you for being a great mentor and friend."

Janice Mueller

Reflections Med Spa, Lexington, KY
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Dori, I am super busy. Is this really worth the time?

For sure! We are extremely confident that you will benefit from this event. But we only want serious people to attend, people who want to be millionaire's and are willing to implement the system. I can do my part, but you need to do yours.

I've been to the Leap Ahead seminar.
Will I benefit from this one?

Yes, this is the next level! The Leap Ahead is the A to Z on how to operate your spa or medi spa successfully. The Millionaires' Circle is taking into account that you already have your systems in place and now you are ready to step up into the millions.

How soon can I expect to see results?

You can see results very quickly.
It will all depend on how committed you are and how quickly you can implement the system.

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