Include Strategy to Generate Spa Leads

It’s time to break down the four steps to implementing an Effective Sales Process. We’ll start with step one.

Let’s start by defining what a sales process is and what steps it should contain. A sales process is about generating leads for your spa and then converting them into spa clients.

A focus on generating leads is often a missing strategy. During the Leap Ahead Seminar, I often ask: “What is your lead generation strategy?” Most spa owners don’t have a solid answer. The first step of your sales process is to know how many leads you need to generate per month and how many of those you can convert into first-time visitors. You must know these numbers.

Relating it to real life

Take, for example, going to a car show. People are much more likely to fill out a piece of paper with their name, address and phone number if you offer a chance to win something in return or give them something at that moment. If you don’t offer something in return or give something at that moment, they’re much more likely to keep walking to the next booth. That’s not what you want.

How Do You Generate Spa Leads?

You can generate leads/prospects from your website by having opt-in opportunities such as: register-to-win, subscribe to a spa newsletter, ask an expert and/or receive a complimentary gift card. These are all ways to bribe your visitors into giving you their information. You also can participate in business-to-business events, go to a trade show and/or do a Facebook campaign. There are many ways to generate leads economically – the important thing is to do it. Set a goal as to how many leads you need to generate and implement strategies to help you reach that goal. Generating leads is half the battle. Once you obtain the leads, you must implement step two of the sales process.

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