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September 2018


Hello September,


This is the last month of the third quarter. It’s where the rubber meets the road. For sure, your goal is to finish the year off strong. So, are you on track? We just hosted the CoachMe! Platinum group. It was so great to be around movers and shakers, professionals who are taking massive action toward success and who are on the right track! During the Mastermind meeting, one of things we talked about is How to Work Less and Make More Money.

Important Dates

September 11th  CoachMe! Platinum Podcast


September 12th Soaring Ahead Module 9

Topic: Make Money While You Are Sleeping


September 15-16 AmSpa Boston


September 23-24 Premiere Show Philadelphia


September 25th CoachMe! Expert Interview

Michele Pelafas – Designer for Spas

Medi Spas

Topic: Remodeling on a Budget


Partner Article. Assess your Spa and Medi Spa space. Is it time to expand, relocate or negotiate your lease? While speaking at the AmSpa conference, I met leaders from the Carr Company whose specialty is negotiating leases for Spas and Medi Spas. They can help you… Read More

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Read the Featured Article and discover How to Fish for the Right Fish so you can work less and make more money. Many Spa and Medi Spa Professionals are frustrated because they are not busy enough. They have empty rooms and the wrong clients who don’t want to spend money. Why does this happen? Because you are fishing for the wrong… 

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Bright Idea Ready, Set, Go! Are you doing videos to help you become a celebrity in your community? If not, you are missing out big time.  The main reason stopping people is the editing process. We have a solution for you. Meet Craig The Video Guy! He can… 

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Dori Recommends Soaring Ahead Mod 8

Topic: It’s All About the Consultation

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Congratulations to the Esthetics Center team

in El Dorado Hills, CA. They generated over 

$166,000 in revenue with their event. 

Watch the interview with John Wheeler,

the master implementer!


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Are you doing videos to help you become a celebrity in your community? If not, you are missing out big time. The main reason stopping people is the editing process. We have a solution for you. Meet Craig The Video Guy!


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Featured Article 

How to Fish for the Right Fish



3. Identify your new target market
Know your new demographics. Who are they? What do they do for work? Gender? Age? Where do they live? Where do they go to eat, shop and play? The more you know about them, the better off you are.


4. Go Fishin!

Now that you know what you want, it’s time to put up the sign Gone Fishin! You need to go and hook them. Hook them on what you offer, your expertise, your image, your brand. 


The best way to hook the right fish is the right bait. In this case, you are the bait. But if they don’t see you, they won’t get hooked. That is why you need to be an influencer. When your positioning is spot on, you are known in the community as the expert, the go-to person, the best of the best! Now, you are great bait… and the right fish are going to be drawn to you!


How do you become an influencer? Start speaking, write a book or articles, host educational events. Watch this webinar and begin charting a new path for success!

Need help? We invite you to join us for the next events we are hosting to help you improve your positioning and start attracting the right type of fish.


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Make Money While Your Are Sleeping


Soaring Ahead


Most websites are nothing but an online brochure. People come and go quickly without taking any action. You can change all that by implementing some great online money-making strategies.

They will have you earning money while you

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You will learn what to sell, how to upsell in

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The Millionaires’ Circle

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Become Published

October 20-21


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Leap Ahead
October 22-24


Upcoming CoachMe! Expert

CoachMe Expert


Join Dori as she interviews Michele Pelafas. Michele is a leading Designer for Spas and Medi Spas.

Topic: Remodeling Secrets That Won’t Cost You a Fortune

Michele has influenced the interior landscape throughout her career with her design and furniture. She continues to shape the industry with her successful brand and products. Her designs are featured in magazines worldwide.

Join us for this interview!


Carmen Brodie


Did you miss the last CoachMe! Expert

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Maximize Your Revenue by Implementing Aesthetic Imaging


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