How To Develop Successful Habits Leading To 10X Your Medspa & Spa in 2021!

Some medspas and spas had a difficult year while some maintained and some even experienced growth. Why is that? Why do some fail and some succeed?

It has to do with the entrepreneur’s habits and focus. In this Dori Talks episode, we will explore how to develop successful habits to ensure growth in 2021!

Habits are acquired behaviors or thought patterns that are repeated so many times that they become almost unconscious, automatic habits. As you know, we all have good habits and bad habits. Some are helpful and some are harmful. Studies indicate that 90% of normal behavior is based on habits. We are creatures of habit; we are very predictable.

There are many books and studies on habits.

If you want to have a super successful medspa and spa, I highly recommend you start applying these successful habits into your life and schedule.

1.  Plan Tomorrow Today

Keep a running to-do list and block time for each item on your calendar. This will help you be super productive instead of just busy.

2. Make Time to Train the Team

Schedule biweekly or weekly training meetings to develop your team’s skills. Training them on technical and business skills is crucial to your success. This will help them become a high-performance team. Train them on the guest experience, revenue generation, asking for referrals, gaining testimonials and more.

3. Implement the Daily Success Planning Meeting

DSP meetings should be daily meetings to explore your opportunities for the day.  Look at each person who is visiting your medical spa or spa and see what else they can experience with you. Cross-market into different departments, this habit will increase your revenue exponentially!

4. Monthly Meetings to Share Your Monthly Goals

As a medspa or spa leader, it’s important that you share the goals with the entire team. Share the monthly goals with each team member and reward them for achieving them.

5. Visualize Your Success

To become a successful entrepreneur, you need to envision it. Consider these two examples:

  • Michael Jordan would always visualize the last shot in his mind before he ever took one in real life.
  • Muhammad Ali would constantly stress the importance of seeing himself win a fight long before the actual fight took place.
6. Sharpen the Saw – Schedule Time For Daily Learning

Attend advanced leadership and business seminars, such as the Leap AheadMillionaires’ CircleMastermind MeetingBook Writing seminar, and Marketing seminars. The more you learn, the more you earn!

7. Network and Build Business-to-Business Relations

B2B relations are a great way to build your business and your database. Partner on events and meet new prospects to lead to your business. Make sure the relationships are a win-win!

8. Workout and Eat Healthy

You are in the beauty and wellness industry, so you need to walk the walk and talk the talk.

Practice what you preach. Make time to workout and stay away from unhealthy food. Develop healthy habits so you can take great care of yourself and the people you love.

9. Write, Speak, and Shoot Videos to Improve Your Positioning

Make time to become an influencer. The more speaking, writing, and videos you do, the better off you and your business will be. These habits will help you attract high paying clients to your business.

10.  Speak With Your Mentor and Attend Mastermind Meetings

Everyone needs a mentor and a group they can brainstorm with and bounce ideas to. My business would not be where it’s at today if I did not have this habit. I can’t live without it. No matter how smart you are, there is always someone that can help you! Make belonging to a mastermind group a habit. We have a great group of talented professionals in the InSPAration Management group. Apply now to be considered.

Make these habits part of your life and watch your medspa and spa business grow exponentially.

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