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GPS For Your Success!

A Note from Dori
Dori Soukup

Happy October!

Last month was a very sad month for me. My dad moved to heaven to be with my mom. It was very emotional for me to let go, but you helped me. Thank you for all the flowers, cards and Facebook comments you sent me. You made the pain bearable with all your support and prayers. Thank you!

My mom and dad were married for 66 years. They raised 5 children and taught us great values, love and compassion for others who are less fortunate. We all need role models and mentors to help us go through life. My parents were part of mine.

I am dedicating this issue to love, compassion, role models and mentors. My parents played a key part in my life and fulfilled some of these roles for me. I hope that you have someone in your life who contributes and helps fulfill your life.

Dori Soukup

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Read the Featured Article to discover valuable principles for growth that I learned from my mentors and role models. Who do you go to when you need help with answers to important decisions? Do you have a mentor or a role model to help you navigate through important decisions regarding life or business?
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In Dori Recommends gain access to The Successful Event Planning Webinar! Did you miss the webinar last month? No worries, this webinar is available now for you to purchase.

If you want to generate thousands of dollars with your next event and gain effective secrets, you will need to
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Bright Ideas!
Upcoming CoachMe Expert Interview
“How to Transition from a Day Spa to a Medi Spa and Selecting the Right Treatments”Join Dori as she interviews expert Terri Wojak. Terri is a published author and trainer. She teaches spa and medical spa professionals on the importance of incorporating skin care into cosmetic medicine, ultimately helping patients and medical providers alike.
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Leap Ahead Graduates
Congratulations to all the entrepreneurs who joined us for Leap Ahead in August! I’ll say it again and again… the professionals who attend are already successful. They just want to be more successful! Missed the last one? Join us November 13-15.
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Events Calendar at a Glance


October 3rd
CMG Genius Revenue Strategies
Topic: Content Marketing Leading To Revenue

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October 14th & 15th | AmSpa – Chicago IL
October 21st – 23rd | Summit & ICES – Miami FL


October 24th / 3:00 pm Eastern
CoachMe Expert: Terri Wojak
Tru U Education

Join us for the next CoachMe Expert interview and meet Terri Wojack.

Missed the last CoachMe Expert with Jaclyn Peresetsky?
Click Here to watch it now!

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Featured Article

7 Spa Coaching Strategies That Will Lead You To The Top

Principles for Growth
Who do you go to when you need help with important decisions? Do you have a mentor or a role model to help navigate through important decisions regarding life or business? If not, you should.

I realized at a very early age how important this type of support is. When I was 19 years old, my dad gave me the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. It changed my life. This book has been translated into just about every language in the world. It has amazing principles that took Mr. Hill years to discover and document. Once I read it, I started applying its principles and my life started to change for the better. Here are some of the most important lessons I learned:

1. The Power of the Mastermind Group
What is a Mastermind Group?

A Mastermind Group offers a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support to help sharpen your business and personal skills. The group challenges each other to set high level goals and accomplish them. This concept was first introduced by Napoleon Hill in 1930. He called it a Mastermind Alliance. I love belonging to mastermind groups! I offer one with the CoachMe Platinum membership. This helps professionals continue to innovate, stay focused, set huge goals and achieving them. If you have not been a part of a Mastermind Group, you owe it to yourself to check it out and join one. But keep in mind, this type of group is not for lazy, procrastinators. It’s for people who want to put their business on steroids!


2. Burning Desire is the starting point of all achievement!!
Burning Desire. I love this chapter from the book. I am so thankful that my dad taught me about burning desire at a young age. Desire is also passion. When you combine the two, there is no stopping you.

Take a look at your own behavior and habits as well as your team’s. See if they possess burning desire and passion. If they do, great! If not, maybe you should explain to them what burning desire is and how it can affect their lives. To be an over achiever, you need deeply rooted desires. That is the starting point of all achievement.

Can you teach burning desire? Maybe. You can certainly be more aware of behavior and habits that will help you be more passionate about what you do and achieve more!

Mr. Hill says “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Thoughts are things!” What thoughts go through your mind?
I hear people often say, “I am not good at this” or “I don’t like to do that.” They make negative statements about themselves. Well guess what, if you are thinking that, you are right. You need to change your self-talk. Negative self-talk is a horrible thing to do. Replace it with “I am great at making Spa or Medi Spa recommendations.” “I have a great guest retention rate.” Or “I love being a spa professional.” Because thoughts are things, thoughts become reality. All achievements, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea.


3. Cherish your visions, your goals, and dreams. They are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.
During one of my mastermind meetings, the leader had everyone do a vision board exercise. She had instructed everyone to bring in their favorite magazines and she brought in poster boards, scissors and glue. Each person made their own vision board.

At first, I thought you’ve got to be kidding me! Is she serious? But as I opened up my mind and went along, it made me realize that this is something every person should do. The amazing thing is that months later, most things on the board have become a reality.

I encourage you to do this exercise and set some big goals for you and your team.
Let your vision board be the blueprint of your achievements.


4. Don’t wait. The time will never be “just right.” Start where you stand. Work with whatever tools you may have at your command. Better tools will be found as you go along.
Procrastination is a dream and goal killer. Don’t allow procrastination to overtake your burning desire and make you lazy. No lazy person has ever been recognized for anything great. Be an achiever, set your goals, make an action plan, and start from where you are now. Don’t let the desire for perfection paralyze you. Good is good enough. Start now! Tap into resources that are available to you. Look into all the BizTools we offer to help you get started!

Your burning desire is nothing more than an accurate picture of what you will one day become. Establish in your mind what you desire. Join a mastermind group and get a mentor to help you reach a whole new level of success.

Control your mind and you can control your destiny. You can start this amazing process today. Go ahead, ignite your burning desire today and live the life you want to live! Become a successful spa professional.

Dori Recommends

Secrets To Successful Event Planning

Secrets to Successful Event Planning
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You Will Learn How To:

  1. Write an invitation
  2. Plan and prepare for the event
  3. Create offers that sell
  4. Assign team responsibilities and goals
  5. Implement marketing secrets that will entice your guests to purchase your offers
  6. Set up bartering arrangements
  7. Involve brand participations
  8. Make sales & hit your targets

What You Will Receive:

  • An Event Planning “to-do” list
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Bright Idea

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Upcoming CoachMe Expert Interview
Terri Wojak

Terri Wojak has published two books, #1 Amazon best seller in skin care “Aesthetics Exposed: Mastering Skin Care in a Medical Setting & Beyond” in May 2014 and “Mastering Medical Esthetics” debuted in 2009.  Terri has trained over 7,000 estheticians and medical professionals on the importance of incorporating skin care into cosmetic medicine, ultimately helping patients and medical providers alike.

Join us and learn:

  • How to Transition from a Day Spa to a Medi Spa and Selecting the Right Treatments
  • How to choose the proper equipment – laser non-laser
  • Most trending Medi Spa treatments
  • How to transition from Day Spa to Medi Spa
  • Best Medi Spa products
  • What skills are required
  • Where to get professional training

Did you miss last month’s interview with Jaclyn Peresetsky?
Click Here to watch it now!

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