How Do I Get My Medi Spa Team to Sell?

This Video Explains How To Get Your Medi Spa Team To Sell!

“No matter what I try, my team does not want to sell. What can I do to change that?”

Not selling is a big problem in the medi spa and spa industry. It’s one of the biggest challenges that I get
when I first start working with medi spa and spa professionals.

They usually tell me, (“my staff” and I tell them “you mean, your team”) is great at doing the treatments, but
they don’t really think of upgrading or trying to actually maximize home care sales or retail sales.
They just
don’t think about it.
It’s not a priority.

To help you, there are several things actually you can do:
1. You need to train, train, train and train your team. You have to train them on a
recommending system,
because if you don’t have a system, then sometimes they’re going to do it and sometimes they don’t.

So, I was having a coaching session with
Titanium Members yesterday. Dr. Sandhu
has three locations and she had two of her managers on the conference with us. We were talking about exactly that topic.
How can we maximize revenue? She has many expenses, the rent is high and you have to make over six figures every single month
to just break even.

If the team is not on board, seeing what they really need to be doing in order to generate revenue,
if they don’t have a system, they don’t have targets, and they don’t know what to do, then they’re not going to
reach those goals.

We were talking about how can we take a brand-new client and maximize the revenue on that initial visit — setting
them up properly from the beginning with the consultation process. We teach with the

S.A.C.R.E.D. system.
In it, we talk about how can we take the guest from the first visit to creating a customized
program that can add up to thousands and thousands of dollars.
Then we make sure that the customized program is not
only recommending treatments, but we also are recommending home care products. After our talk, they realized that the
system was not implemented and was
not measured.

2. Make it mandatory when your team completes every treatment, they need to be filling out the Guest Recipe
form where they document what upgrades they did, what treatments they should have next, and then what home
care products they need to take with them.

3. No one should be allowed to be able to check out without the Guest Recipe form turned in to Reception or
the Guests Relations

4. Some people think the Guest Relations team should be doing the selling. Yes, but your providers are the
experts. It’s your end injectors, your estheticians and everyone who is doing the treatments who needs to make
your recommendations and maximize your medi spa or spa revenue.

5. To succeed, you need to have systems in place like the

and the
systems that we teach. Once you implement them, you will see a big difference in performance.

If you need help with customized training specific for medi spas and spas, we just launched
Recipes for Success.
The recipe that we will
be discussing this month is how to convert a new client into a lifetime client. This training program is geared specifically
for your teams. Every month, we cover a different topic.

I’m going to share over 10 different modules. Each module is going to be about one hour long and your team can
either listen to it, read it or watch it.
It’s all recipes that they need to help you succeed and them succeed.
Go ahead and check it out.

Again, I’m not trying to sell you. I’m trying to help you. And that’s what you should be doing with all your
clients. You should be helping them via your treatments and the products that you have. If we don’t tell people how
we can help them, then they’re not going to benefit from the relationship.
So, if you think of it as selling, so be

But truly, you need to help members of the community. And the only way we’re going be able to help them is by you
making recommendations. You have to learn how to do them.
And that’s what I want to do for you. Let me teach you
and your team on how to maximize your medical spa revenue.

Do you have a question? Make sure you email it to
so I can answer your questions
for you.

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