Fall In Love With Your MedSpa Again

As we consult with medical aesthetic clinics, medical spa owners regarding their business, the one thing we find often is that most people are not totally in love with their business. They feel as if they are in a bad marriage. When you first started your business, you had big dreams. You were excited. You couldn’t wait to get up in the morning to go to work. And then after a while, everything started to change. It’s as if the honeymoon was over. The pressure, the stress, the lack of clients, the cash flow, the bills, the team, and that’s when you say, “Take me away. This is not what I signed up for!” So, what happened? How did you go from being in love with your business to “get me out of here, or at least I need help to fix it”? Fix what?

What are the biggest business challenges people like you have with their business?

See if this sounds familiar to you.

  • Waking up in the middle of the night wondering how to meet your financial obligations
  • Not sure where the next client is coming from and can they afford what you offer
  • When am I going to start making profits?
  • There has to be an easier way. Why am I always reinventing the wheel instead of implementing a successful business model?
  • Why am I still dealing with insurance reimbursement? I should be looking for a cash business model.
  • How can I get my team to be more productive and bring in revenue?

Sound familiar?

These are the symptoms that are stopping you from getting into the Millionaires’ Circle, into freedom, and all the reasons you went into business.

But here is the good news. You are where you are only because you have not made the shifts.

The shift to apply the 4 S’s that lead to your Success!

The 4 S’s. Systems, Structure, Strategies, and Solutions.Apply the 4S’s and get off the hamster wheel. Stop spinning, and spinning your wheels. Stop the wild, wild west madness. Have law and order instead!

I am doing this Dori Talks episode to share with you that there is a better way. So you can fall in love with your business again.

Imagine your dream business…
  1. Affluent consumers finding you and coming to you for treatments and products
  2. Money is flowing in on monthly basis effortlessly
  3. A well trained and high performing team
  4. All your expenses under control
  5. Living the lifestyle you want; with freedom, balance, and prosperity

That will make you fall in love again, wouldn’t it?

So how do you get there?

You get there by implementing a business model that is perfected and effective to help you reach success the fastest way possible.

Let’s say you want to improve retail sales, how will you do that? Now the conversation is “I need you to sell more.” And nothing changes.

Try this instead.

  1. Find a system that works, like the Don’t Sell, Recommend and the P.R.I.D.E. system
  2. Buy it
  3. Learn it
  4. Train the team
  5. Implement it
  6. Measure performance
  7. Celebrate increase in guest experience and revenue for all!

When you practice this process for every challenge you have before you know it, your business will be running on autopilot and cash will be pouring in, instead of suffering and going out of business.

Why do businesses go out of business?

1. Businesses go out of business due to the lack of cash flow.

Cash is king or as I like to say queen if you are a woman. To fix a cash flow problem, you need to generate sales. If you know you are not generating as many sales as you need, what would you do? Go and research how to boost your revenue in a medspa or spa, or wellness center, or practice, etc., right? Or that is what I would do. I would ask Google. How can I increase sales? When you search, you will most likely find InSPAration Management. But here is the interesting part that we find. People will call in, we will tell them how to fix their problem. But you know only 50% of people will invest $800 in the P.R.I.D.E. system to help them generate mega cash. Or invest in the S.A.C.R.E.D. system to help them learn how to perform a proper consultation that leads to thousands of dollars. Or invest in the Leap Ahead leadership program to gain the A to Z on how to run a business properly. Or invest in the Recipes For Success to train the team on the 5 R’s. When you invest in an effective business model and implement the model, you will be the happiest person on the planet. And you will be in love again with life as a whole. There is no reason to have a cash flow problem. Your challenges are so fixable by implementing a couple of systems!

2. The second reason businesses fail is due to the attempt to reinvent the wheel.

We just expanded the team to include one more client relations executive. Her name is Tina. Tina was a partner in a wellness center nearby. She owned the business with her ex-husband. Though they are both professionals, they were having difficulty generating revenue and succeeding. They were trying to reinvent the wheel. So, she decided to sell her shares of the business and move on. A friend of mine introduced me to Tina and I thought she would be a good addition to the team. She came to work with us. As she started discovering all the business tools we offer. She was amazed and started telling us “OMG I wish I knew about all this before. My business would have been totally different.” I am telling you this because the second reason people go out of business is because they are always trying to reinvent the wheel, instead of following a blueprint that is already perfected and apply it. Tina is so excited to save many businesses from making the same mistakes she did. We are so happy she is on our team!

3. The third reason is the lack of team training on a successful business model.

This is what I call the wild, wild west. Everyone is doing their own thing with no unity, purpose, goals, targets, or plan. Imagine if you owned a football team, but you don’t have a coach, you don’t have a team that is well trained, no game plan, but they show up for the game on Sunday. Do you think this team is going to win? During a recent Mastermind Meeting, Johan a retired NBA player and founder of Activ8 with his partner Daniela were present. We were speaking about training. As you can imagine, he had something to say about that. The NBA PLAYERS are pros, yet they trained every day! How often are you training your team? In most cases, we hear “I am too busy to train them”. Can you imagine the coach of the football team saying, “I am too busy to train the team”. How long would the owner keep him around? Training must be a priority. Training for clinical and business. Every person on the team needs to be generating revenue and giving you value. But if you don’t invest in their training, you will be left not loving them or your business.

So where do you go from here?

The best advice I can give you is to watch this new webinar I did for you. It’s called 5 Shifts You Need to Make to Step into the Millionaires’ Circle! On this webinar, we invited people who qualify to reserve a Success Planning Session totally complimentary. It’s our way to give back and to share with you how you can succeed the fastest way possible, like many of our clients do.

Begin by watching it, then apply to be considered for the session. We’ve been helping people like you for the past 20 years. We have transformed and continue to transform many people’s businesses and lives! Lead them to fall in love with their business again, to get them into the Millionaires’ Circle, and we can help you too!

Best wishes to you and your team! Let’s fall in love again!

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