Essentials for Successful Spa Email Marketing Campaigns


Email has become one of the leading methods spas use to communicate with their clients and potential clients. The low cost and rapid message delivery to large numbers of people at one time have made email campaigns a key component of many spa marketing strategies.

Here are a few tips to ensure your email marketing campaigns lead to success:

Target your Audience.  Make it your business to know your audience’s needs. These needs should become the subjects of your emails. Be sure to divide your email recipients into different groups so that you can target the desired demographic for each campaign. An email platform such as InfusionSoft or Constant Contact will make this process very easy for you.

Include a Call to Action. You must have an effective “call to action” that creates a sense of urgency to prompt consumers to react immediately. In addition to a landing page, you should provide a phone number and email address as alternate ways for clients to respond.

Enticing, short subject lines. The subject line should be limited to 50 characters or less. It must encourage the reader to open the email and learn more, while also promoting a sense of urgency.

Hold contests and giveaways. Nothing interests readers more than a promotion or product giveaway. These strategies can be used to attract new subscribers and create a buzz about your spa. Consider these promotions and giveaways as additional marketing strategies to advertise your spa’s products and treatments. Want to learn how to do contests? Join us for a Facebook webinar that covers how to use Facebook for marketing!

Tracking System. It is crucial to keep track of sales and upgrades generated by your email campaigns. Tracking the numbers allows you to determine what is and what is not working so you can make necessary adjustments.


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