What’s New at the Spa? More and More Men!


Spas aren’t just for the ladies anymore! More and more men are realizing the healing benefits they receive through spa visits.  They’re getting massages, body wraps, facials, and even manis and pedis!

Spas are popping up that are tailored to men’s needs from masculine bathrobes to larger treatment tables that give these big guys room to relax and feel at ease.  We are seeing sports massages as well as other sports-related therapies being offered to today’s active men.  The spa industry is reintroducing itself as a mechanism to promote wellness instead of a luxury, and our male counterparts are jumping on it!

Having said that, are you ready to cater to this new demographic?  Are you ready to take that leap and grow your business exponentially?  Imagine how much your revenue would increase each year if all of your current clients started bringing their husbands and boyfriends to the spa with them.  And then imagine how many leads each of these men could generate for you through friends and coworkers.  Wow!  The possibilities are endless!

Do you want to reap the rewards of this new trend, but have no idea where to start?  You don’t have to go out and open a new spa.  You can incorporate this exciting trend into your current facility with ease and we can show you how. Call 386-226-2550 or email us at Info@InSPArationManagement.com so we can help you today!

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