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Do It Yourself PR Secrets!

Have you tried hiring a PR firm, but the investment amount stopped you from doing so?

It’s a fact…getting the media to cover your stories, publish your articles, quote you, invite you for a radio segment, or interview you on a TV show is worth a lot more than any paid marketing efforts.

So how can you be in the news and generate buzz about your company? By doing PR! PR is one of the best marketing tools you can utilize for your business! So how can you do your own PR?

We are here to help!

You can now learn and implement Effective PR Techniques on a shoestring budget!

We had so many requests from the InSPAration Management community to offer a PR course that I decided to invite Nancy Trent from Trent and Company, a PR expert, to join me on a five-hour teleseminar series to offer strategies and techniques to help you implement Easy Steps To Do It Yourself PR!

Do it Yourself PR Secrets is designed to help you plan, implement, and gain spa exposure that will lead new traffic into your spa and help increase your revenue! Visit



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