Building your Spa and Salon Database

I am often surprised at the number of spas and salons that don’t focus on building their database. If you want to experience growth and sustainability, building your database is a must. You need a lead generation strategy to build you list!

Here are 7 Bright Ideas on how you can build your database quickly and easily:

  1. Every time your phone rings, your receptionists must obtain the callers information
  2. Place a register to win on your website’s home page. Entice the visitor to provide you with their name and email address.
  3. Place a subscribe button for your e-news on your home page
  4. Any time you attend an event or host an event, collect people’s information; gather as many business cards as possible put them in your database
  5. When the guest visits the spa provide them with an intake form that includes a space for an email address and make sure the guest fills in the information.
  6. Negotiate a link on other businesses’ websites who compliment your business and ask them to place a register to win on their website or a link swap.
  7. Ask other businesses with a large e-database to send your newsletter to their database and invite people to opt in and register for your newsletter. (This practice can build your database so rapidly, we know it works because we have practiced this and it increased our database tremendously.) Of course, you have to have a meaningful ready-to-go-3v10newsletter.If you don’t have a great newsletter you should subscribe to the Ready-To-Go e-News.

E-mail guidelines:

  • Organize your list- use an email service like Constant Contact or I Contact or A Weber.
  • When creating your form to collect your data, make sure you include a box asking the guest permission to receive your emails.
  • Update your list on regular basis.
  • Always include an opt-out or unsubscribe link in your emails.
  • Protect your email list

Database communication:

  • Monthly e-news
  • Special offers
  • New products or services
  • Parties or special events
  • Press release
  • Reservation reminders
  • Last minute appointment specials

Need help with building your list let us know we have proven effective ways to help you!

Do you have a list building challenge? let us know what it is, leave your comment!

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