Effective e-Marketing

Your marketing efforts should result in:
1. Generating qualified leads
2. Writing great copy to peak interest
3. Making irresistible offers
4. Reader taking action “Call to Action” or CTA

shutterstock_786401081. Generate Qualified Leads
What steps are you taking to generate new leads?
There are several ways to generate leads, here are some suggestions of the easiest ways to generate leads: *Your web site *B2B relations *your e-newsletter *social media, I could go on and on… focus on generating new leads and build your database.

2. Write Great Copy to Engage People
I receive many e-marketing blasts from clients and non-clients. Frankly, I am frequently shocked on how poorly written their content is. Effective e-campaigns must have great copy to be effective! you need to focus on benefits and entice people to take action,
3. Make An Irresistible Offer
When creating an e-marketing campaign, include an irresistible offer to compel people to act. The first offer needs to be presented when you are generating leads. The offer should invite people to opt-in your newsletter, register to win, receive a complimentary skin care analysis, etc. Your offer should lead them into joining your e-mail list. Other offers are made after you begin communicating with them. In regard to offers, I am not saying you have to give away the farm! You just want to show added value and fulfill the “what’s in for me” factor, so they act now and take advantage of the offer.

4. Have a “Call to Action” or CTA

In every-campaign, include a Call to Action. Without a CTA, people will look at your material and move on. People need to be told what to do! You might be thinking, come on Dori, really? Really!!!
The only brands that can get away without a call to action are companies like Nike, BMW, McDonalds, companies with millions of dollars in their marketing budget. They focus on image or brand marketing, but that’s not you. You can’t afford not to have a CTA!

Here are some examples of CTA.

The first 20 people to reserve will receive a unique xyz _____ a complimentary value of $ ____
Don’t miss out on this opportunity! Call 222-2222 to reserve or email us at info@xyzspa.com
Reserve your spa experience on Wed or Thurs and receive XYZ
Call now to reserve or simply reply here with the desired time you would like your experience to begin.
Offer expires on June 6th.
Great idea!!! Forward this to a friend and visit the spa together!
These are examples of CTAs to include in your email blast!

If you need help with copy ask us!

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