Become an Influencer and Attract High Medi Spa and Spa Paying Clients

March 2018

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Spring is here… and it’s your time to spring into millions and profits! If you are ready for it, I am ready to show you the way. In this issue, you will find two very important videos to watch. One is in the Bright Idea and the other is in the Featured Article. Both are created to help you chart a path into becoming a millionaire. Now is your time.


Don’t delay your success!! Enjoy!



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March 5th-7th IECSC, New York

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March 14th CoachMe Module
Topic: Plump Up Your Profits!


March 15th-16th CoachMe Platinum

Topic: The Millionaires’ Circle


March 17th-18th Seminar

Write a Book in One Weekend Seminar!


March 27th CoachMe Expert Michael Dinkins
Topic Making more money via your phone system and guest relations team

Featured Article
Become an Influencer and Attract High Medi Spa and Spa Paying Clients

– Dori Soukup


This year, my focus is to help you step into The Millionaires’ Circle. In the last InSPAration Moments issue I wrote about how you can become a millionaire, and in this featured article you will discover how to Become an Influencer and Stop Discounting.


If you want to become a millionaire, you need to be an influencer and keep reading…

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Bright Idea
The Millionaires’ Circle

You’re invited to watch a video to help you gain strategies to get into The Millionaires’ Circle.


Here is some of what you will learn:

  1. Your Goals &Your Dreams
  2. Who Are The Millionaires?
  3. Knowing The Numbers
  4. The T.M.S.P. System

Don’t miss it! This information will help you begin your TRANSFORMATION that will lead you to The Millionaires’ Circle.

You’re invited…


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Featured Article
Become an Influencer and Attract High Medi Spa and Spa Paying Clients


Featured Article


Becoming an influencer is easy when you have a recipe. I did a one-hour complimentary webinar about it where I shared 6 strategies to help become an influencer. Here is a little summary of the webinar.

1. How to Become an Influencer Within the Medi Spa Industry
First, let’s define the meaning of an influencer.

An influencer is an individual who has the power to affect purchase decisions of others due to his/her authority, knowledge, position or relationship with his/her audience.

It’s a person who has a following or a tribe in a particular niche which they are a part of and engage with.

We all know famous influencers such as Mother Theresa, Gandhi, Oprah, Jeff Bezos, Kim Kardashian, maybe Your Mom & Dad, and Your Spouse.

Becoming an influencer is important for the following reasons:


  • Become the “go-to person” for quotes and interviews
  • Attract high-paying clients to you and your business
  • Charge more for your medi spa treatments and spa products
  • Become a celebrity and much more …

Influencers usually have certain characteristics

Such as: being a great communicator, an expert for what you do, persuasive, and a visionary to name a few. 


Then you need to improve your positioning and your brand so consumers will form a great perception about you and your brand. This should lead you to enhancing the image of your medi spa and spa.


2. Create Videos

Come up with a story to define your expertise and share it on video.


Videos are a great way to show that you are an influencer.


Create a YouTube channel and get in front of the camera. Educate your community about everything you do. Share your knowledge on camera and post it on your YouTube channel.


Your video should be used to market your medi spa business and show consumers that you are an expert and that you are the person and business to go to.

3. Become a Speaker
Speaking is another very powerful way to become an influencer. You can do Facebook Live, speak at events (yours and others), host lunch and learns, speak at conferences, or conduct interviews of influencers in your community.  There are many opportunities for you to share your expertise and improve your positioning through speaking.


4. Get Published
This is the most powerful of 6 strategies on how to become an influencer. When I published my first book “Spa Business Secrets to Increase Profits,” my business went on steroids. You can start by writing articles, blogs and/or register for Write Your Book in One Weekend Seminar and we can help you become a published author.

When you publish your book, you attract the media’s attention. You will get invited to do interviews, radio shows and magazine quotes. You will become the go-to person for your expertise. This will help you attract high-paying spa clients and stop you from playing the price war games.




5. Differentiate Yourself and your Medi spa or Spa Business

Competition is fierce. There is a medi spa and a day spa on every corner. How would you differentiate yourself from everyone? There are many ways … but for now start with your online presence like your website, your social media platforms and especially your LinkedIn profile. Begin putting valuable content online and people will start noticing the differences.

6. Become a Celebrity

The entire world is drawn to celebrities and they also can be drawn to local celebrities such as the TV news anchors, radio DJs, doctors, attorneys and so on. You can become a celebrity in your field. You just have to start acting like it. And all the steps mentioned in this article will help you reach the celebrity status.

To learn more, watch the one-hour webinar on how to become an influencer and attract high-paying clients! I am confident you will love it!


Then you should join us for the Write Your Book In One Weekend Seminar, so I can help you get started with your path on becoming an influencer and then entering The Millionaires’ Circle!!


Millionaire Circle Video


Upcoming CoachMe Expert


CoachMe Expert


Making More Money via Your Phone System & Guest Relations Team

Michael Dinkins, President & CEO at Dinkins LLC


  1. The latest phone system technologies
  2. How to choose the right one for your business
  3. Mistakes to avoid
  4. Using the phone as a training tool
  5. Promoting your business while on hold

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