8 Steps to Designing & Implementing a Successful Lifetime Client Journey for your Medical Aesthetic Practice

Have you assessed your lifetime client journey—from lead to consultation, to first treatment, to VIP membership, and lifetime client? This article is about discovering 8 steps to help you design and implement a super successful lifetime client journey that will lead to exponential growth and your business running on autopilot.

In your practices, you transform people’s lives and help them look great and feel great. With us, we help medical professionals and entrepreneurs like you transform their business by implementing an effective business model, so client retention is increased, client satisfaction is maximized, and revenue generation is amplified!

We just completed the Mastermind Meeting this past week, we had members from all over the country join us online as well as in person. The topic of the meeting was the 8-step model and how to implement it. We did that for two days. In this article, I’m giving you a summary of what we went over with all the InSPAration Management members in our community!

Here’s the analogy I shared with them. We all love movies, right? We love movies, we love plays, shows and when we go to see them, if they are done properly, you’ll notice that every actor has a role, everyone has a script they need to study and perform. You have a producer and a director who is making sure everyone is performing their role properly. Everyone plays their part to deliver a great show!

If they play it accurately, and well, you’re more likely to enjoy the movie, and you’ll tell all your relatives, your friends, and colleagues about it. You’ll comment about it on social media and share your experience with others.

If you are the leader of a medical spa reading this, you must take it upon yourself to be The Director of your show. Your position is to direct The Lifetime Client Journey from a lead to a lifetime client!

As a director, the first thing you must do is identify exactly who are characters in your play or movie are. Then you must give them the scripts, so every single actor/provider knows exactly the role they have and how to perform it.

Most businesses have a problem because they don’t have the scripts. They are trying to do a movie by leaving it up to the actors or the providers in your case to just do their own thing. So, they just come to work they do their own thing because you’re not directing them. You have not set them up for success.

They end up doing their own thing, and they create their approach; they start developing bad habits, and you get bad performance. This is exactly what we want to address now.

As the director of this play, there are eight steps you must implement within your business model to ensure that the lifetime client journey is delivered with a positive outcome. Start by assessing your current medical spa client journey. What happens when a lead comes into your place, or when the phone rings? How does the team manage that phone call? What do they do with that lead?

How does the team walk them through the journey steps? Is that scripted out? Is it defined? From the lead to how you reserve the consultation, to how you track their medical treatments, Botox, fillers, weight loss results, and improvements, to how you turn them into a member and enroll them into the VIP program, to becoming a lifetime member, not just a temporary medical spa client.

The goal is to take a lead and turn it into a lifetime med spa client. You want them to be happy, they’re achieving receiving the results that they want, and you are happy because now you have a super successful business that can run on autopilot.

Here are the 8 Steps:

1. Lead Generation

Medi Spa Marketing PlanWhose role, is it? It’s your responsibility or the responsibility of the marketing company you hire to help you generate leads. 

What are your strategies to generate leads and cause consumers to opt-in and get on your list, so you can market to them? Have a Med Spa Marketing Plan to ensure leads are being generated on a regular basis. If you are not gaining new leads daily, assess your marketing strategies and set new goals to strive for and achieve.

What is wrong with this picture? Everyone blends in. There is no differentiation and clear option on how you are the only choice.

2. Lead Management

Guest Relations BundleWhose role, is it? Who is managing the leads once they come in or when the phone rings? This is something that we see go wrong often. As you might know, we help medical spa clients build websites and when we build their websites, we always include a first visit offer on the home page to gain opt-ins and generate new leads. The consumers give their information to claim that first visit offer! They do their part, but regularly we find that no one on your team is managing those leads. It’s like having gold that’s right there in front of you, but you’re not mining the gold.

As a leader, a director of your medical aesthetics business, you want to identify whose role it is, and what scripts do they have to conduct that role? Identify who will be in charge of lead management in your place and provide them with the Guest Relations training program specifically for your medical spa receptionists.

Teach them how to convert a new lead into a first visitor and a consultation.

3. Reserving The Consultation

Guest Consultation Training ManualWhose role, is it? The guest relations team, or call them the reception or medical spa coordinator, etc. We teach to reserve a “Get To Know You Consultation” which is included in a program called Success with Guest Consultations! We teach the S.A.C.R.E.D. System. But in most cases, again, we don’t see that role defined within a medspa.

What we see is a lot of people doing the À la carte consultation. Instead, we recommended doing a head-to-toe consultation where you discover all their needs and truly try to help them with a customized program that will include a wide range of anti-aging treatments and wellness solutions.

4. Customizing an entire treatment & product program

Whose role, is it? We call this team the Treatment and Product Specialist. This role is all about discovering what they’re looking for, what their needs are, and helping them address them. It’s as if they and sitting with a friend around the kitchen table and discussing the latest and the greatest treatments that are available to help someone feel and look great!

So instead of just wham bam, thank you ma’am, and you’re done, you’ll be truly fulfilling your obligation, and that makes a huge difference in turning them into a client and then a lifetime journey with you!

5. Fulfilling The Promise

Whose role, is it? This role involves the entire team. Guest relations and all providers. The client journey begins with the check-in, to fulfilling their customized treatment program, to how your providers are treating them, to fulfilling the promise.

Script out all protocols for every medical treatment and include great touchpoints to enhance the guest experience. Include how you educate the client, how you exceed their expectations, etc. It all must be scripted, practiced, a role played just like the actors do, rehearse over and over. Again, design and implement a great client journey for clients.

6. Monitoring Results

Whose role, is it? This could be all the providers or the treatment and product specialists. 

Remember, results equal retention in the medical spa industry! Take before and after pictures as you go along. People forget what they looked like, and what they look like now, always track the results.

Script out the process and identify the role to ensure consistency and accuracy in monitoring the results.

7. VIP Enrollment

The C.O.P.I.E. System

Whose role, is it? The entire team! Just about when they are almost finished with the customized program, it’s time to introduce them to the VIP membership program. You want to maintain their results by visiting you monthly.  

You can create your recurring revenue model and VIP program by watching the C.O.P.I.E. system to make sure that the people keep coming back and that you are maintaining their results. It should all be orchestrated.

Everything must be scripted and directed! It should be all defined to the team. Everyone knows their character. Everybody knows their role. They know exactly what to do. They have their script and all they must do is deliver it, and your role is to be the director and make sure that everybody is delivering a great journey!

8. A Lifetime Client

Whose role? The entire team. 

The best way to ensure success with the lifetime client journey is with the VIP membership program. Always deliver results and a great experience, and they will stay with you for a lifetime!

These are the eight steps to your lifetime client journey!

Revenue-generating opportunities within the business model, the 8 steps.

The first revenue opportunity is through the consultation process. If you’re doing the consultation as we teach it in the success with guest consultation program, then you would know that the goal is to generate anywhere between $4000 to $10,000+ initially within that first consultation.

This is very doable if you have a medical spa. Revenue could also be generated when you begin doing the medical aesthetic treatments or the wellness program. There are plenty of upgrade opportunities and more home care products that they need.

Also, revenue generated through the membership, once they become a member, you have an opportunity for the recurring revenue model.

We have members in our community who have over 400 and 500 VIP members who are paying them between $250 and up to $1000 per month. Imagine generating 6 figures per month, or $100,000+ per month just from your VIP program.

Those are all revenue-generating opportunities for your medical spa that will continue to develop and continue to drive more revenue into your business.

Accomplishing this mission will require medspa business
training tools, scripts, training, role-playing, & directing.

Those of you who are members with us, have all the tools available to you on Medspa Biz University.

If you’re not a member, we have nine medspa department manuals that are full of scripts, systems, and strategies to help you direct properly and position your team for success!

If you are winging it right now or if you’re reinventing the wheel, you need to stop and tap into the perfect business model for your medical aesthetics practice.

And all you have to do is identify the people that you need to play these roles, arm them with all the tools that they need, and voilà, you can have a big hit.

If you’re not a member reading this, and you’re interested in actually designing and implementing your lifetime client journey. This would definitely be the time to reserve a Success Planning Session with us and let us guide you down the right path.

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