5 Secrets to CRUSH the Competition.

Dori Soukup
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Happy June!
Here we are half way through the year. It’s a good time to do your mid-year assessment. How much growth are you experiencing so far this year? If you are not growing at the rate you were aiming for, maybe it’s time to improve your marketing and increase your traffic. I am dedicating this issue to improving your marketing and sales!

Read the Featured Article to discover 5 Differentiation Secrets to CRUSH the Competition.
Dori Soukup
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You’re Invited to attend a Complimentary Webinar to discover tips on how to practice Authority Marketing and CRUSH Your Competition! Mark your calendar and join us on June 6th at 2 pm Eastern.
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Authority Marketing
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Aren’t you fed up with how much money you are losing from the lack of retail sales? If you are looking for ways to increase upgrade opportunities and retail sales, you need the New Don’t Sell, Recommend! Audio and P.R.I.D.E. System manual! This is a must for your spa business success library!
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Authority Marketing
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Write Your Book in One Weekend seminar coming up in July!
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June 6th, 2017 / 4:00 pm Eastern
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Topic: Improved Revenue Through Behavior Styles
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June 27th, 2017 / 3:00 pm Eastern
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CME- Implementing a Profitable Wellness Program
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August 14th, 16th / 9:00 am Eastern
Leap Ahead Leadership Seminar
The InSPAration Management LEAP Ahead Leadership Seminar is a 3-day event where you will receive a PROVEN Spa / Medi Spa blueprint on how to elevate your success.
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June 24-26
Tradeshows: IECSC – Esthetic Show
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July 15th-16th / 9:00 am Eastern
Write Your Book in One Weekend Seminar
Authority Marketing is, the strategic process of systematically positioning you and/or your organization as the leader, the expert, the celebrity and the “Go-To” Spa and or Medi Spa in your community.
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Featured Article
7 Spa Coaching Strategies That Will Lead You To The Top
5 Differentiation Secrets to CRUSH the Competition
In today’s competitive world, you can find a Spa, Medi Spa or Wellness Center on every corner. This makes competing for business very challenging. Many business owners decide to play the price wargame. This practice leads to slim profits or none at all.

To compete or crush your competition, you have to differentiate yourself from them. Differentiation is the key to gaining a competitive advantage.

Here are the facts: Consumers are more likely to find your business on a handheld device or online before anywhere else. They go searching on Google to find what they’re looking for and they make their decision based on what they see on websites. Here lies the problem. Most spa websites are nothing but an online brochure. They simply provide information and most look exactly the same. They lack engagement, opt in opportunities, valuable and relevant information, a call to action and the list goes on…

In this article, you will find 5 Secrets to Differentiate Yourself, so consumers can find you and choose you over everyone else.

5 Differentiation Secrets to CRUSH Your Competition:

Secret 1. Write articles, blogs and publish a BOOK
Secret 2. Provide valuable consumer tips with VIDEOS
Secret 3. SPEAK, do podcasts and webinars
Secret 4. Host educational EVENTS
Secret 5. Publish Case Studies, Success Stories and Testimonials

This Is called Authority Marketing! It is the best way and most economical way to market your Spa, Medi Spa, and Wellness business.

What is Authority Marketing?
  • The technical definition of Authority Marketing is: the strategic process of systematically positioning you and/or your spa or medi spa as the leader and expert in your community for what you do.
  • It’s the art of positioning yourself and/or your business as the authority, as the celebrity, as the credible expert to make you and your business the ‘go-to’ spa or medi spa.

Get Published

Secret #1. Write articles, blogs and publish a BOOK.
Writing about what you do and how you transform people’s lives is a big differentiation factor. What do you think of someone who has written a book? When I ask this question at seminars, I usually receive answers such as: the person is an expert, they know what they’re talking about, they are professional, successful and the list goes on. When I wrote my first book, my business went on steroids! Writing your book will give you the same results. Here are some of the reasons why you should write a book.

2. Sets you apart from everyone else
3. Become an authority, crush the competition
4. Use your book with the media to gain exposure
5. Raise your prices – charge more
6. Utilize it as a great marketing tool
7. Generate leads from your website – gain opt-ins
8. Gain free publicity with interviews
9. Make more money
10. Work less

You might saying, “Yes Dori, I would love to write a book, but that’s a big undertaking.” My answer to that is, yes you are right, but we have a system to help you write your book in one weekend. We have helped many professionals just like you become published authors. We can help you become a published author too!

Dr. Street Watch what Dr. Street had to say about the “Write Your Book In One Weekend” seminar experience.

Authority Marketing Published Authors

Learn more about this amazing experience and join us for the next seminar!

Secret # 2. Provide valuable consumer tips with VIDEOS.
Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to show differentiation on your website. When consumers visit your website and see your videos with tips on how to address concerns, they will view you as an expert. You should have a YouTube channel filled with videos on how you help members of the community and how you transform people’s lives. There are many different types of videos you can publish. Tour of your facility, consumer tips, case studies, success stories, testimonials, what’s new, and more.

Need help creating new videos? Reach out to www.360BusinessVideos.com to view samples.

Secret #3. SPEAK, do Podcasts and Webinars.
Speaking is another great way to practice Authority Marketing. You can start small, by doing Lunch and Learns, move on to spa events, then public speaking. The more you speak, the more of a celebrity you become. People will recognize you as the go-to-person for your expertise and for what you do. Your name will become familiar and more people will be talking about you and what you do. After all, word of mouth is still the best form of marketing.

Secret # 4 Host Educational EVENTS.
There are always new treatments, technologies, and solutions to concerns people have. The best way to promote your new spa treatments and or spa products is by hosting educational events. Consumers will view you as a forward thinker, an expert, a person who is always seeking new solutions and treatments. When you educate members of your community, they will purchase from you. Remember to always make an offer at the end of your educational events to generate revenue.

Authority Marketing Published Authors

Secret #5. Publish Case Studies, Success Stories and Testimonials.
You can tell someone until you are blue in the face how you can help them, but they won’t listen. But if you have success stories and video testimonials from your clients on how you have helped them transform their lives – that is Social Proof. Social Proof is the most powerful way to position you as an expert and help you practice Authority Marketing! When consumers visit your site and see what clients are saying about you and how you helped them, they too will reach out to you. Get your video camera out and start documenting success stories and testimonials.

Implement these 5 secrets and you will be practicing Authority Marketing. You will totally differentiate yourself and crush your competition! When people visit your website, they will see: your book, your blog, your videos, your educational programs, your testimonials, your success stories and they will choose you over the competition! It’s no longer about price, it’s about your expertise!

Learn more and register for the Complimentary Webinar!
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Attend a life changing webinar!

5 Differentiation Secrets to CRUSH the Competition!

You’re invited to attend a Complimentary Webinar to discover 5 Differentiation Secrets to CRUSH the Competition!

Mark your calendar and join us
June 6th at 2 pm Eastern

This is ideal if you are:

  • Tired of playing price war games
  • Not making enough money
  • Not busy enough
  • Spending a lot of money on non-effective marketing strategies
  • Working too hard
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Aren’t You Tired of Flat Retail Numbers?

I was doing a private coaching session last week and as I was assessing her numbers, I discovered that she was generating over $70k per month in service revenue and her retail numbers were only $6,000. This is so sad. Are you in the same boat with her? Many spa owners are. Why do you accept this kind of performance and results?

Stop the madness! You need to wake up and put structure and systems in place to increase your retail sales. You are totally missing out on major profit opportunities.

What should her retail numbers be? At least 40% of service revenue. Do you see how much money she is missing out on? She should be making $28K in retail, not $6K. She should be making $14K more profit per month. That is $168K more in profit per year! How much sooner will she be able to retire if she increased her profits by that amount? Wow, that’s a huge missed opportunity! It does not have to be that way…

I have an entire system to help you improve your upgrade opportunities and your spa retail sales. All you have to do is follow the formula.

Invest in your business and in your team. Get your hands on The New Don’t Sell, Recommend! and P.R.I.D.E. System and retire sooner!!

The New Don’t Sell, Recommend! Audio and P.R.I.D.E. System Manual! If you are looking for ways to increase upgrade opportunities and retail sales, you need to have this new version in your spa business success library!

This proven-effective educational program is guaranteed to elevate retail and treatment sales, while increasing your income. It teaches spa professionals how to: • Recommend Home Care and Treatments with PRIDE, • Deliver a Complete Guest Experience Leading to Increased Retention Rate, • Raise Volume per Guest, and • Earn More Money!

Pride Manual
Purchase the Manual and Audio

Regular Price: $329

Sale Price: $200

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Register for the next interview with John Hoime, founder of Alternative Health, and discover how to implement profitable wellness programs. A Complimentary Membership

Listen to the most recent interview with Melinda Beville, founder of Ilabelit and launch your own private label products.
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