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Leap Ahead Spa Leadership Seminar

Series Overview

Just like with our bodies, we need to visit the doctor for an annual check-up, we need to do the same for our business to ensure growth and good financial health. InSPAration Management can provide you with an onsite or remote assessments. To help you identify your strengths and challenges we invite you to take all or one of the assessments below. Results are emailed to you immediately. We have helped many businesses regain their financial health and we can help you too!

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Series Description

How It Works

This series contains 12 modules. Monthly, for the next 12-months, you have the option to attend a live one-hour podcast or visit the private member page to download the audio and the transcripts of each module. The program offers total flexibility.

Who Should Join

This is ideal for Spa, Medi Spa, and Wellness Center leaders who are seeking new and effective ways to increase treatment and retail spa revenue. It’s also perfect for those who love monthly business coaching to keep them focused and who are committed to improving their business performance by reaching new levels of success.

How Can The CoachMe Programs Help You

The CoachMe programs are designed to help spa and medi spa industry professionals elevate their success! We offer different levels of CoachMe Programs, each geared toward professionals with different needs. We invite you to explore all the CoachMe options and choose the one that is ideal for you!

Next Series

  • Date June 6th
  • Module # 6
  • Topic Improved Revenue Through Understanding Behavioral Styles
  • Course Reviews (8)

    By Gary Oberoi / Spa Red & White

    Thank you for all your wisdom, knowledge and experience. I am still empowered by your ideas and experience after attending your Leap Ahead seminar. It gave me the foundation necessary to succeed. Thanks to you, we have now grown to six spas in Manhattan. Your wisdom lights our path every day. I hope you continue to lead and light the path for the spa industry. The spa sphere is blessed to have you as one of it's leaders. Thank you for all you have done to shape our future.

    By Joe Mandato / La Bella Day Spa

    Joe Mandato, an experienced spa veteran who leads a very successful spa, is a Leap Ahead graduate! He has much to say about the impact LEAP Ahead has had on his business! Just like all the fine SPA professionals on this page, Joe is very happy with what he learned at the LEAP Ahead seminar! Click the video to listen to what Joe has to say about his experience.

    By Rhonda Hatfield / Blue Halo Med Spa

    That’s what the LEAP Ahead Leadership Seminar is about: Showing you a PROVEN blueprint that will shortcut your success and give you the tools you can immediately “cut and paste” into your business.

    By Cindy Cobb / Allure Enhancement Center

    This is like getting a Master’s degree in Spa Business Building! This is stuff they didn’t teach you when you went to school…and you probably didn’t learn these important business-building lessons when you opened your spa.

    By Jay Cowan / Love to Live Spa

    You’re truly my idol. Moving forward, my eternal dialogue starts with “What would Dori do?” Hearing about how you first started managing with little success to winning an award a year later is more fuel to my motivational fire! Thank you for being you!!!!

    By Karen Houshultz / Apple Day Spa

    You are an InSPAration and a blessing. You have a God-given gift to inspire others in the most positive atmosphere. It was awesome to spend 3 productive days with motivative, like-minded people. I look forward to working with you in the future!


    Buy-in: Your team’s Responsibilities for Revenue Generation
    Enlighten: Sharing the Vision
    Goals: Your Team’s Revenue Goals, Capacity and KPIs Targets
    Rewards: Performance Measurements & Recognition
    Engagement: Motivating The Spa & Medi Spa Team
    Action: Continually Taking Action to Improve
    Training: Spa Business and Technical Education


    Identify missed opportunities
    Guest experience revenue assessment
    Maximizing revenue through “Touchpoints”
    Check-in – Guest Relations sales efforts (reception)
    Treatments – Therapist enhancements and revenue
    Spa amenities opportunity – relaxation lounge
    Retail recommendations
    Check-out revenue generators


    Consultation process and program customization
    Team mindset and philosophy toward revenue generation
    Recommending process tools
    Implementing the P.R.I.D.E. system
    Roleplaying exercises
    Understanding professional obligations
    Fulfilling true potential
    What is in it for them?


    Must have guest/team conversations
    Tips to build rapport
    Discovering challenges
    Asking the right questions
    Painting a picture of the new reality
    Building trust by offering solutions
    Retention strategies
    Overcoming objections
    Success with crucial conversation


    Why coaching
    The I.C.A.R.E. coaching model
    Coaching approach
    Motivational conversations
    Documenting coaching sessions
    When to let go


    Understanding behavioral styles
    Identifying behavioral styles
    How to communicate with each style
    Recommending product to each style
    Improving communication between team
    Improving client communication
    Flexing your style to improve communication


    Why focus on referrals
    Setting team referral targets
    Revenue potential from referrals
    Teaching the team how to ask for referrals
    Launching referral campaigns
    Loyalty program for referrals
    From referral to client to lifetime client process
    Thanking the referrer


    Creating a theme, a spa concept
    Differentiation – USPs
    Define your Spa/Medi Spa brand
    Professional marketing material
    Online presence
    Marketing plan – Calendar
    Economical marketing mix options
    Building your list


    Social media vs. social networking
    Your goals
    Effective holiday planning strategies
    Social media mix
    YouTube videos
    Text messaging
    Team training and rewards
    Mistakes to avoid


    Why content
    Create outstanding content
    Use content to convert to leads and revenue
    Type of content publishing within your reach
    Marketing your business through publishing


    Productivity & Revenue November 7th, 2017

    Your time your success
    Calculating the value of your time
    Time management techniques
    Difference between busy and productive work
    Getting more done in less time
    The art of delegation
    Setting deadlines


    Why e-commerce
    Sales forecasting
    Mobile and website sales
    Product mix
    Your shopping cart
    Upgrading opportunities
    Promoting your e-store
    Fulfillment strategies


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