2 Strategies To Turn The Heat Up and Ignite Your Business This Summer!

Boost your revenue this summer by implementing the following:
1. Drive Men to the spa by tapping into your current female database.

Did you know that June is Men’s Health Month? You can launch a Men’s Health Campaign and boost your male traffic.  Take advantage of this opportunity and start planning now.

The women to men ratio of spa goers is “80% women to 20% men.” You can tap into your female database and launch an entire campaign to market to the men in their lives. Your campaign will include an event to introduce them to your spa and all the benefits they will gain from your products and treatments.

During the event, you can have a speaker talking about how men can be healthier, how to look younger, or how to de-stress; whatever topics you would like to focus on. This will bring forth the importance of visiting the spa and the role your business can play in helping men obtain or maintain a healthier lifestyle and look their very best.

If you have the Secrets to Successful Event Planning CD you will need to listen to it and implement the step by step strategy on how to host a very successful event. You can make thousands of dollars in just three hours. If you don’t have the CD, get it now!

Create a program for men and turn them into regular spa goers! This will boost your revenue exponentially this summer and beyond!

2. Create a New Summer Program – Take a Spacation Instead of a Vacation

Some people can’t take a vacation this summer. So why not show them how they can take a Spacation? Develop a Summer Program to include a few trips to the spa with a specific Spacation menu from which they can choose. For example, they can visit your spa every two weeks during the summer and receive any treatments from your Spacation menu.

They commit to a two or three month Spacation program and you can charge them a flat monthly fee. You may want to even consider having two or three different price points: low, medium and high to fit everyone’s budget.

This will encourage your client base to visit more frequently and take advantage of this specially priced program offered only in the summer.


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