Economical Self Marketing


Turning your business card into a self promotional tool.

Often, I see spas place “your next appointment” on the back of the business card. Keep that for in-spa, but try this to self-generate new clients. Print new business cards and place a promotion on the back and your information on the front. Keep them with you at all times. Any time you are around people, introduce yourself and pass out the card. Always promote yourself! If you don’t do it, who will?


Here is a sample script:
Let’s assume you are at the bank, a social event, or buying something from the mall… Pull out your card and say something like this:

“I noticed how hard you are working. My name is _______ I am a professional therapist working at _____ spa. Here is my card and on the back is a gift for you to come and see me. Let me take care of you. We have a beautiful spa for you to relax and recharge. I look forward to seeing you! Make sure to ask for me when you make your appointment.”

On the back of the card, you can print:

A gift for you…
Save $5 on any spa treatment
Or a complimentary analysis
Or free upgrade or treatment enhancement

Choose whatever you would like to offer.

Try it and watch your traffic increase!


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