Education = Success

As a little girl my mom always stressed to all of us how important a good education would be and how it could affect our lives. You probably say the same to your kids, but here is the thing…are you practicing what you are preaching to your kids?

Let’s have a moment of truth. How much time do you designate to your business education? We have many professionals in the InSPAration Management community who are great students. They set aside time to learn and dive into Biztools such as: Spa Success Library, the CoachMe Gold and Silver calls, webinars, etc. But, not enough people do that. Do you know the phrase “There is always room at the top”? Well, I want to invite you to be part of the top.

You see, to get to the top you have to be committed to education and be hungry for knowledge. Being a student not only helps you learn new strategies to improve your business, but it also helps you become a better teacher for your team.

I was watching “Oprah’s Mastery” episode one night where she was telling her story about how she started out and how she became who she is today. In one part of the show she was talking about how each episode she did taught her something and made her a better person. She loved learning and by learning she became a teacher. She said the reason she never had children is because she chose to be a teacher instead. If you dedicate yourself to being a great student you will automatically become a great teacher. As a spa leader you need to be both a student and a teacher! Are you both?

Through education anything is possible.

Here are some tips on how to become a STUDENT again:

Find a buddy to learn with
Schedule weekly time to sit and learn
Tap into audio programs such as The CoachMe Memberships
Build a Success Library – Books, CDs
Turn your car into a university by listening to educational CDs

Once you are a student then you can work on being a teacher for your team.

The more everyone learns the more everyone will earn!

Go ahead… become a student again so you can be the best teacher and enjoy exponential growth! You owe it to yourself and your team!

Happy learning and sharing!


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