Well-Planned changes lead to Success!

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I never understood why most people fight change. From new technologies, processes, innovation, spa business strategies and lifestyles, change is the ONLY constant. 

You and/or your spa team need to stop fighting change and learn to embrace it!

Whenever your spa/medical spa is faced with change, it can often create fear and uncertainty. When facing major changes you need to understand that proper planning is key to avoiding chaos and resistance to the changes ahead. Don’t be surprised if your team is not immediately on board.

When planning change, you must:

  • o Identify what needs to be changed in the spa and why
  • o Who will the change affect and how
  • o What will happen if the change is not made
  • o Outline the steps of launching the change
  • o Description of the new spa vision
  • o Identify and share what’s in it for the team

Strategies to Help You Implement Change

  • o Education: Educate the spa team on the reasons for the change, as well as on the new process, systems, strategies, etc. What are the expected outcomes?
  • o Communication: Keep the lines of communication open prior to and after launching. Keep your ears open; you may need to do some tweaking to the change. Have the spa department leads report back to you with progress.
  • o Training: Make sure your entire spa team is feeling comfortable with the new change. Train, train and train some more.
  • o Flexibility: Be flexible and ready to modify or update the current plan to account for any unforeseen situations.

IF you need help to successfully implementing change, or if you are unsure of what changes are needed we invite you to attend the Lead Ahead seminar! Gain a successful blueprint to implement positive changes and succeed!

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