Do You Want to Make Money While You Sleep?

Memberships and Loyalty Programs have been in existence for years and have proven over and over to be successful.

Massage Envy took the industry by storm when they launched offering memberships. Their success has sparked a movement within the spa industry to fulfill this niche and keep up with the ever-changing competition.

Creating unique memberships and loyalty programs ensures a steady cash flow as well as retention! Memberships are your gateway to making money 24/7.

Here are 8 Essential Steps to Launch a Membership Program:

1. Design Your Program: Decide on the type of membership program you want to offer and make sure there are several options for clients to chose from.

2. The Right Price: Focus on the type of experience that best fits your spas branding. Remember cheap doesn’t ensure quality.

3. Membership Management System: Make sure you have membership management software in place to assist you with member usage tracking and overall success.

4. Monthly Payment: Automated payment processing are key! Make sure you have a collections process in place to avoid missed payments.

5. Membership Guidelines: Be sure your guidelines include cancelations and missed payment issues.

6. Marketing and Launching your Membership: Time to get creative! Don’t forget to update your website and spa brochures!

7. Team Training: Selling the membership program requires a team effort and employee incentives go a long way.

8. Track Member Usage: Get your clients into the habit of using their membership on regular basis. An automated reminder message is a great way to keep them up to date and engaged!

Do you have a membership program now? Share with us how effective it is!

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