Spring Into Action With These 5 Strategies

Spring is here and it’s the time of year to do your spring cleaning! It’s also a good chance to review how the first few months of 2016 have gone for you. What have you done so far to make this year great, and what can you do to keep it that way? If you don’t take a moment to stop and pause, before you know it, another year will pass by without springing forward.

Here are 5 Strategies to Spring into Action!

1. Get Organized

Although we may be busy, that doesn’t mean we’re being productive. There’s a big difference between the two! Being productive means planning ahead, being organized and staying on track. Chaos and disorganization don’t have a place in productivity. This month, get and stay organized so that you can be more productive.

2. Plan Your Marketing

Without marketing, your business can’t move forward. Marketing is what makes your business blossom! This season, spring into action by making a plan for your spa marketing. Create new and exciting spa promotions, plan the appropriate marketing material, and launch it. Get your team involved in the process! Set sales goals and train your team to promote your business.

3. Host a Spa Spring Event

Events are great for generating buzz and excitement for your spa. You should be hosting events once per quarter. Spring is a fantastic time for an event! Pick a theme, then plan the activities, demonstrations, refreshments, and so on. A properly planned event can generate huge amounts of revenue!

4. Set Time Aside For Training

What makes one spa succeed and another fail? I get asked this question all the time. My answer is spa business training. Spa leaders who make time for team training are the ones who experience business growth. Spa leaders who belong to the CoachMe Gold series provide their spas with monthly coaching so they keep improving. Everyone needs a mentor, someone who can help them reach high levels of success.

5. Stay Motivated

Motivation and excitement are contagious. As a spa leader, you need to stay motivated. Remember your purpose, remember why you do what you do. If you feel unmotivated and need some help, give me a call and I’ll help you get back on track. Private spa executive coaching can give you the motivation you need to build a thriving spa business!


Take your business to a new level with executive private coaching! It will give your spa a boost and help you maximize your professional edge!


How do you plan on springing into action this season? Tell us in the comments!

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