Three Things Your Clients are Looking For

Often, when I ask spa owners about their retention rate, their response is somewhat vague. “We get around ___%,” stated in an unsure tone is typical. Saying ‘around’ or not even knowing your retention rate is not a good thing if you’re leading an organization! Especially if you are a day spa or medi spa who caters to a local market. Your retention rate is one of the most important performance indicators to monitor. You cannot ignore this! It’s a direct reflection on how satisfied your clients are.

So what do your clients want and how do you keep them coming back for more?

It all comes down to three things:

1. Results

We aren’t just talking about feeling good while they’re at your spa. Your clients are looking for results they experience beyond your spa. Do you think you can de-stress a guest with a one-hour massage and make it last well beyond that hour? Can you solve skincare conditions with just one facial? Results require more than a ‘once in a while’ visit to the spa. Results require educated and committed spa professionals. Why are we spinning our wheels offering a la carte treatments on the menu? Our clients need results that will keep them coming back. Results don’t just happen with one visit.

Your spa menu is a very valuable marketing tool. You can use it to suggest treatment programs that will deliver clients the results that they’re looking for.

2. Experience

The experience is the second most important thing that your guests are looking for. They want a place that is calming, relaxing and clean, with a skilled and professional team to help them. The guest experience begins when they call, and it continues through the check-in, the treatments, the relaxation lounge, up until the check-out. Often, spas won’t even have an evaluation form for the guest to fill out, or receive an email to provide the spa with feedback. If you aren’t getting your guests’ opinions, start

3. Status/Ego

People like to feel special, like when they belong to a club or an association. For example, take a look at people who join a country club. Part of the allure is to visit the club, to dine there several times per month, to mingle and be seen by other members. Is it expensive? Absolutely! So why do people do it? Because of ego and status.

We need to get people like this to belong to your spa. Don’t be scared and don’t prejudge your client’s pocketbook! If you’re offering something that produces results and provides guests with a great experience, play on peoples’ ego and status and let them come to you! If you don’t have a membership program yet, create one and launch it as soon as possible.

Use these three tips in your spa and watch your business soar!

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Do you know what your clients are looking for? What’s your game plan to deliver what they want? Tell us about it in the comments!

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