Spa Assessments

Everyone loves taking assessments…let’s face it; we all have taken one at some point or another.  I know I have taken some just for fun with the notion that I might find out something new about myself.  When was the last time your spa offered a quick, fun assessment to new and potential clients?

Spas that offer assessments benefit in many ways.  In this issue I will share with you one:

  1. How to use assessments to engage your guests on your web site and to build your client list.

Using assessments is a proven effective method to capture your web site visitors’ attention, engage them and capture their information. 


We just posted a marketing  and many have already taken it.  Have you?  As a result, we were able to help our professionals assess their marketing efforts and at the same time capture new visitor’s information to build our client list. Go ahead…take it now to see what I am talking about.


In your case as a spa/salon you can create an assessment that would help determine one’s stress level, skin type, skin problems/issues, etc.  Who wouldn’t be tempted to take one of these assessments?  This is a great way to engage your guests and keep them coming back to your site.  Consider changing your spa assessments periodically to incldue different topics and to keep your site fresh and engaging.


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