“Persistence Paralyzes Resistance”

Persistence Paralyzes Resistance” is one of my favorite phrases. It’s a phrase that I teach and have lived by for many years.That is why I am making it this month’s Bright Idea.If you want to accomplish something, you have to be persistent. Keep applying action until you reach the ultimate goal.Giving up is not an option.What can you do to be more persistent so you can paralyze resistance?

The fact is you will never achieve big results without consistent, persistent action.

Let me give you an example.Let’s say you schedule a spa meeting at 8:00 am and you have 15 team members but only 10 show on time. Two arrive 5 to 10 minutes late, one shows 25 minutes late and two don’t show up at all. It’s like that every week or every time you schedule a meeting. The lack of consistency will paralyze and wreck team performance.What do you do about it?The key factor is to establish spa rules and be consistently persistent.Next time someone does not show up on time, lock the door, follow up and be consistent with your actions as a leader. How would you rate your consistent persistence? Does your spa team know the rules of the game?

In sports there are rules. If players don’t follow the rules, they get a penalized. If they repetitively or grossly break the rules, they get kicked out of the game.They don’t bend the rules for Dwight Howard or because you are a key player.The rules of the game apply to everyone. It is your job to be persistent and consistent in enforcing them.Once you establish consistency, you will paralyze resistance and have a much improved work environment.

One of my favorite books is The Power of Focus by Jack Canfield. In the book, there is a chapter about consistency and persistence. It includes the following Consistency Circle that you may find very helpful. If you have not read The Power of Focus, you should.It’s a good resource for improving spa team performance.

The Consistency Circle



Go ahead, see where you need to be more persistent so you can paralyze resistance and achieve greater results.

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