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“I have been shopping for a software company for my medical spa.
Which one do you recommend Dori?”

That’s a great question. Everyone needs software. There are many different software companies to choose from. There are some very important functions you need your software to do for you.

First, you want to be able to make appointments very easily. Your guest relations team is extremely busy. The last thing you want is a software system that’s super-complicated, that requires many steps to make a reservation, reserve a series or change an appointment.
So that’s number one. You want something simple and fast when it comes to making an appointment.

The second thing you should look for in a software system is making sure that you can do membership programs and loyalty programs. This is something that we teach. You’ve got to have a membership program. And if your software system cannot handle the accounting of it, then that’s the nightmare of all nightmares. So you must have a software system that can do both memberships and loyalty.

The third thing is you want to make sure you have a software system that can provide you with proper reports. This is so important to let you know exactly how you are performing. You want to be able to know how your team’s volume per guest is and you want to know how many treatments they’ve done. You want to know their capacity. You want to know their productivity, and you need to do it by person and by department for the entire place.

So, there are many reports that you need from your software system to be able to manage your business properly, keep an eye on and monitor your performance.

Those three things are definitely at the top on my list when I’m speaking with a client about how to choose the right software system.

My advice for you is to whatever software system you’re thinking about getting, make sure you’re doing your homework. You need to go and do demonstrations, have them do a demo for you for all the different things, take some good notes, and make sure you ask for these three things that I just mentioned. So if you do that, I know you’re going to choose the right software program. Now I said all that and I still have not answered your question.

So to answer your question, one of my favorite software systems to recommend is MDware or Salon Spaware. MDware is if you have a medi spa. I love it because everything can be paperless. It’s very easy to use.

And then Salon Spaware is if you have a day spa.

Now again, there are many other software companies out there.

Just do your homework and see what’s best for you. Hope I helped you out.

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