Six Love Languages for Your Medical Aesthetic Business

Let’s talk about love. Falling in love is one of the most beautiful emotions one can experience. You’ve got spark, flames, passion, happiness, excitement, you can’t wait to be with that person, but falling in love does not have to be with another person. You can fall in love with your Medical Aesthetic business or that one thing you love to do.

When you started your Med Spa business, you began a relationship. Initially, you had all those loving emotions, you couldn’t wait to get up in the morning and go to work. You had a million ideas on how you can make things great, what to offer people and how to become super successful. Are you still in love with your medical spa, or are you ready for a divorce?

All relationships go through phases. First, you experience the get to know you phase, then the engagement phase, and soon comes the getting married and honeymoon phase. Lastly the everyday life phase. After a while, you find yourself on the hamster wheel cycling through these phases.

The question is, how do you keep the love and passion going beyond the honeymoon stage? What causes those feelings to change or go away? How do you keep yourself from falling out of love with your med spa business?

Stay tuned as I share the six love languages to help you stay in love with your medical aesthetics practice or med spa business.

Business Love language One: Financial Security

Medical Spa Financial Tools

Your medical aesthetics’ financials can make or break the love flow. Debt is one of the major contributors to falling out of love with your business. When you own a business or even work in one, you are always striving for love and financial security. Who doesn’t?  

We all work so we can provide for our families and live the life we want to live. We want to go on vacations, dress nicely, eat at nice restaurants, drive nice cars, etc.  But if your business is not generating enough revenue, it puts a strain on the entrepreneur and the business. This is when problems in relationships begin.

Being in the red is a big problem, it’s the opposite of the financial security that you are seeking.

Here are the top contributors to tarnishing the loving relationship you have with your medspa and leading to failure.

  • Overextending – buying too many expensive pieces of equipment
  • Too many highly paid employees who are not contributing value to the business
  • Investing a major amount in marketing that is not working
  • Not generating enough revenue to cover expenses and go beyond

You can avoid these pitfalls by properly planning, forecasting, and budgeting for success.

Create a business plan and stick to it by applying self-control.

Implement a performance-based compensation plan and a great business model.

Discover new revenue opportunities and focus on delivering a great service to generate revenue.

Financial health and security are achievable when you plan, stay focused on revenue drivers, monitor performance, and love your business!

Business Love Language Two: A High-Performing Team

Your team can contribute to you falling out of love with your Medical Aesthetic business. Having a team is like having children in the home. They all have different personalities, strengths, weaknesses, etc. If the team is not contributing and adding value to the relationship sooner or later you will have a revolving door, and that is a good reason to fall out of love with your business.

When you hire a team, they need to be earning their pay. You are not hiring people just to have payroll. You are hiring people to help you build the business. Each employee needs to be adding value beyond what you pay them. You need a high-performing team.

I was doing an executive coaching session when the member said to me “but I can’t afford to pay for someone.” She was viewing hiring someone as a cost. Hiring a team is an investment, and if they truly love what they do, they will provide you a good return on your investment by helping to pay for their salaries and help you generate more revenue.

If they are only interested in trading minutes for dollars, that is the wrong medical team, injector, aesthetician, laser tech, MA, etc. They are not in love with what they do, or their profession. Hire lovable and passionate people and together you can build a very special relationship, one that will last for a long time to come. One that will allow you to stay in love with your medical spa or whatever type of business.

Business Love Language Three:
A Guest Experience Leading to Repeat Visits

You are in business to provide services and products to consumers who are looking for anti-aging solutions, wellness, sexual health, skincare products, and so on… Recipes For SuccessBut the type of clients you attract can either cause the relationship to flourish or fail. Are you attracting Groupon clients who want to pay nothing for what you offer and who are a pain to service? Are you attracting consumers who are willing to pay your worth? Or Clients who appreciate all that you do for them and want to have a lasting relationship with you?

Gaining one good new client is very costly, that is why it’s important to love them and take great care of them so they can keep coming back. We call it delivering a wow guest experience. Are you doing that? Are you loving your clients so much that they are feeling it? Or is their experience indifferent? This love language is very important to successful lasting relationships. You will know how much your clients love you by the number of members you have from your recurring revenue. Long-term client relations are indicators of true love between you and your clients.

Establish relationships with the right target market, take care of your client’s and they will take care of you and your team. Chose the right consumers to enter relationships with and you will always love your business.

Business Love Language Four: Your Business Model

75% of businesses fail because they operate under what I call the “wing it business model” or the “wild, wild west model.” It’s chaos! Chaos is a relationship destroyer. You can only take chaos for so long and then things totally fall apart. When you don’t have a proven effective medspa business model in place you are asking for trouble. You are setting yourself up for a breakup with your business.

Remember you have a relationship with your business and the more structured and systematic the process is the better off everyone involved in the relationship will be.

Medical Aesthetics Business Tools Bundles

Your goal is to have your medical spa run on autopilot, you achieve that when you make everything clear to the team, and you have a successful business model to follow. This takes training, practicing, and implementing. 

When you replace chaos with relationship expectations, invest in good training programs and implement a clear and easy business model. You and your team will be in love with the work that you do and the business.

Business Love Language Five: Recommending for Results

When I ask professionals such as injectors, aestheticians, laser techs, etc. “Why did you choose this as a career?” I am told, “to help people.” Making recommendations for treatments and home care is helpful and is a good relationship builder. It shows your clients love and care. The lack of recommendations indicates a lack of interest and belief in what you do tarnishes relationships.

Don't Sell Recommend with P.R.I.D.E. manualLack of recommendations is a contributor to relationship separation or breakups. If you want lasting relationships, you need to take care of your partner. If you know a particular treatment will help with X it is important to let them know and they can decide on it. But at least you told them what is best. 

Just as you recommend treatments to help your clients look and feel the best, we love to do the same. If you want to stay in love with your medspa business you need to come to the Leap Ahead seminar. There you will receive the blueprint for running a successful medical aesthetic practice, spa, or medspa. We want the best for you and your medspa business by recommending this seminar. Once you attend you will see the results in a much more successful medspa business. If you want to stay in love with your business and your work, we recommend the Leap Ahead seminar.

It’s wise for everyone to love the recommendation process so you can have lasting relationships.

Business Love Language Six: Invest in Yourself

Loving your business starts and ends with your leadership skills and ability to operate and run a business successfully. The reason many people don’t succeed is because they don’t seek out help. Running a business is not an easy task. It takes a lot of effort, commitment, know-how, and implementation. 

Flying High To Success!Many entrepreneurs have good intentions and think that they know what to do however, the facts state a different outcome. That is why so many businesses fail, they don’t know what it takes to run a medical spa successfully. And that is why people fall out of love, get burned out, and close shop. So how do you avoid that from happening? By investing in your business education. 

This is something I have done for years ask any successful person, they will all tell you they read, study, attend seminars, and are always investing in their education. Your business will feel that love. If you want to keep a loving relationship with your business it’s essential to keep introducing new things, and new methods to improve, tap into new opportunities, new revenue sources, and more. When you do, the business will continue to grow and so will your love for your medspa!

Now that I’ve shared the 6 love languages for your medical aesthetic business it’s time to assess and see what you need to improve and strengthen your love for it.

To assess how you feel about your business start by answering the following questions:

  • Why did you start your business?
  • What is a positive impact you want to make?
  • What do you appreciate about your medical spa?
  • What do you like about owning a medical spa or a wellness center?
  • What value do you provide consumers?
  • How well does your team perform?
  • Are you happy doing what you are doing?
  • What vision do you have for the future?

Take the time to answer these questions. If you need help staying in love with your medspa business schedule a Success Planning Session with one of the InSPAration Management coaches today. 

Remember you don’t have to do it by yourself, we all could use the help!

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