Should I Add Medical Treatments?



“Should I Add Medical Treatments?”

Hi there, Dori Soukup here, with another Question of the Week. This week’s question comes to us from Dr. John from New York. He’s asking, “I’m a chiropractor and I have a wellness center and a day spa. I have been contemplating the option of adding medical treatments. Do you think this is a good idea? Should I do it or should I not?”

That’s a very good question. Because for many people, that’s a big shift. Many people now that have day spas, wellness centers, or chiropractic centers want to include medical treatments within their practice. That’s a great way to practice geometric growth, because when you already have clients, and they’re already coming to you, then it’s very easy to sell them more things. They’re probably going somewhere else for their Botox, fillers, lasers and all that.

So instead of sending them away to somewhere else, why not offer those treatments to them. There are a few things to take into consideration. If you are positioned as a holistic Wellness Center and Chiropractic Center, bringing in medical treatments is not going to keep you true to that because there’s nothing holistic about Botox, fillers, lasers, and all that.

It really depends on what kind of positioning you want to have and what do you really stand for. What is legally required to bring in those medical treatments? Because you’re going to need an MD (Medical Director) to be part of your practice that you have. There’s a lot that goes into planning to see if this is a good fit for what you already have in your business.

I think the best way for us to look into this is to set up a private coaching call. Let me discuss with you what your positioning is now, and how that would make a change once you bring in the medical treatments. I would advise you start with surveying your database and seeing if they would be interested in medical treatments.

For example, you can send that in an email with SurveyMonkey or any of the survey platforms. You can say we are considering expanding the menu of services. Suppose we offer Botox, and then you have extremely interested, somewhat interested and/or not interested. Same with CoolSculpting, very interested, somewhat interested, not interested. You put down all the things that you would like to offer and see what is the level of interest in your community. If you feel that everybody’s saying yes and the results show that everybody’s interested, then of course, it would be the smart thing to go ahead and expand your menu offering and include them.

So, there are different things that you can really look into and consider before going into it or start going out and buying lasers and spending money. Be careful, be cautious, do your homework first, and then see if that would be the right fit for you.

I have seen many people do it and do it successfully. There are definitely opportunities out there for you and I definitely want to encourage you to explore them.

Hope that helped. Give us a call. Let me help you walk through the process and see whether it’s something you would like to do.

If you have a question, make sure you send it to us at Until next time, stay inspired.

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