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Is your resort a spa amenity or profit center?

In most cases resort spas are not considered a revenue center, but they should be… A resort spa is a great amenity to attract guests to resorts, but can also generate an exponential amount of revenue if it’s structured properly.

As a consulting firm, we have visited spas all around the world and found that most have the same challenges:

• Many spas do not operate at their true capacity
• Minimal on-site marketing strategies and efforts
• No resort spa programs, focused more on a la carte
• No pre-arrival spa planning, and the list goes on…

Those challenges are what led us to create Spa Journeys by Design!

Spa Journeys by Design is a customized & uniquely branded spa experience with a proven successful turn-key business model!

A resort spa can expect to…

• Deliver a customized & uniquely branded spa experience, exceeding guest expectations
• Assure spa success by providing and implementing a proven successful A to Z business model
• Maximize guest capture rate & spa capacity through innovative marketing strategies
• Provide resorts exposure via the spa brand, resulting in increased reservation rates
• Elevate overall spa and resort profits

You will also increase:

• Guest Satisfaction – due to the innovative 5 step Spa Journeys experience
• Service Volume per Guest (VPG) – due to Spa Journeys packages – minimum two treatments
• Retail Volume per Guest (VPG) – due to the Discovery and Lifestyle Journey
• Team Performance Consistency – implementing departmental training manuals
• Overall Spa/Resort Profits and Success

The Spa Journeys business model is very easy to implement. The content of each module is very concise and clear. Here are some excerpts from the A to Z Business Model…

• Management Manual
• Financial, operational, structure
• Leadership & management
• Transitioning to Spa Journeys
• Team Manual
• Departmental training manuals, including scripts, protocols, etc.
• Spa Journeys certification

Imagine having a spa that serves two purposes, a resort amenity and profitable spa!

You can participate two ways:
1. Purchase the business model and implement it on your own
2. Have InSPAration Management implement and manage the spa for you

Either way, you will exceed your current performance and elevate your success!

We also invite you to a complimentary discovery call. Simply complete this form and a Spa Journeys expert will contact you! Or write us at

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