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It’s about to get super busy as the holidays are almost upon us in these last three months of 2017. So, it’s important to take some time to rate your marketing efforts.

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So, what grade would you receive if someone came to you to assess your marketing efforts and test you on your knowledge?

How do you know what grade to give yourself? That will all depend on your capacity.

Here is how to rate your efforts:

  • If your space capacity is between 90% and 100%, give yourself an A.
  • If you are operating at 75% to 89%, give yourself a B.
  • If you are operating from 50% to 74%, give yourself a C.
  • If you are operating at 35% to 49%, give yourself a D.
  • And if you are at or below 34%, give yourself an F.

Ouch! An F?!?!

Here are the facts. Most spas operate at 35% of their capacity. Why? Because they fail in marketing.

Your marketing score is a direct reflection of your capacity. At what capacity are you currently operating? Is your spa busy every hour on the hour? If not, it’s time for an assessment.

We invite you to take a Spa Marketing Assessment. Discover what you can do to improve and increase your spa’s capacity and revenue.

Take the Spa Marketing Assessment now by clicking here.

After you take the assessment, visit DoneForMeSpaMarketing.com and learn how you can increase your marketing efforts.

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