June 2014-Promote Business Development: Team Training for your Spa and Salon

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A note from Dori

Happy June!

WOW! The month of May sure had a way of springing into summer! Last month, my trip to Dubai was amazing, as I had the extraordinary pleasure of visiting some of the world’s most beautiful spas. Check out the photos on InSPAration Management Facebook.

More exciting things to happen this June! I will be speaking at Premiere Orlando and IECSC Las Vegas. Be sure you stop by and say hello!

Also, I am so pleased to announce we are launching the very first CoachMe Platinum Mastermind event in June. I am so excited to have the best of the best join me in Ohio. We will be staying at the Lake House Inn Spa & Winery on beautiful Lake Eerie in North East Ohio’s Wine Country.

We are also launching Management Essentials Volume III this month! As you can see, we are always striving to bring you great business tools. We want to help you grow! In this issue we are focusing on Training and Coaching.

While we’re on the subject of Training, help me congratulate the latest Leap Ahead Graduates. They have trained hard and are ready to elevate their success!

We had a great group of professionals join us for LEAP Ahead in May!

Congratulation! Now you are all ready to LEAP!

Read the Featured Article and discover How to Promote Business Development, Team Training, and Learning in your Spa and Salon.

In the Bright Idea, Launch your own “You Tube” channel you will learn that video is one of the best ways to promote your business and directly access your customers! Read the Bright Idea to learn how you can tap into this useful tool through visually compelling media.

In Dori Recommends read how you can Increase Sales during the summer months.

From all of us at InSPAration Management, we wish all the Dads a very Happy Father’s Day!

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Topic: Developing Your Personal Brand

CoachMe Gold – Reinvent Your Business
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CoachMe Silver – Solo-Preneur Series
Topic: My Marketing Plan Part II

CoachMe Platinum
Friday June 6th

Not a CoachMe member yet? You owe it to yourself to check it out so you can experience business growth!


Leap Ahead Seminar – Orlando, FL

  • Aug 18th – 20th
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Spa and Salon professionals often ask me, ‘What separates a successful business from a failing one?’ To sum up the answer in one word, I have to say “SPA TRAINING.” Though there are many key factors that contribute to success, the most important is training your team.

If you’ve ever watched a sporting event, then you’ve seen how winning the game depends on The Team. It’s not the arena, it’s not marketing, it’s not operation, it’s not finance–it’s The Team. They are the ones playing the game. They can either win or lose. The spa and salon team is your most valuable asset; they can either make you or break you. If you want to have a winning team you need three key ingredients:

  1. A great coach
  2. Investment in time and money in training
  3. Effective training material

Michael Jordan says “practice does not equal perfect, perfect practice equals perfect.” So you say you are training your team, but are you training them with effective training material? Creating training material is a time-consuming process and many professionals just don’t have the extra time. Without investment in time and training materials, we lack one of our key ingredients, which often leads to mediocre performance. Let’s face it! All spa and salon leaders want to do well, and so do the teams. But if you don’t have a blueprint, you can’t build your business.

As a spa leader, your training curriculum must include team training for:

  1. Technical Skills and Knowledge
  2. Spa Business Development

Most spas and salons focus on technical training but forget about the most important portion of training: The Business Development.

What should your spa business development training include?

  • Marketing– how to self-market and cross-market within the spa/salon/practice
  • Sales– how to upgrade and recommend retail
  • Image– how to conduct themselves with effective communication skills
  • Guest experience– retention and referral
  • Goal setting and performance measurements

To succeed, training must be a continual process. On a monthly-basis, the team leader should host team-training meetings to ensure that everyone maintains a positive attitude, sharpens their skills, and improves their performance.

You will know the planning process and know how to build a team.

Imagine having your material training all done for you! All you have to do is:

  1. Schedule the Business Development Meetings
  2. Discuss the Training Session Topic
  3. Conduct some Minor Customization
  4. Decide on an Implementation Timeline
  5. Monitor Improvements

Voila! As of right now, you don’t have to take the time to plan your Business Development Training because we’re here to show you how. All you have to do is get in the game.

Join a Spa Management Essentials team-training program and participate in a done For me training module.

Business Development Tools you will receive with each module:

  • Planned lesson
  • Audio CD and MP3 file
  • Lesson transcript
  • Homework for easy implementation

Members who participate in the training modules have experienced:

  • Higher retention
  • Increase in overall revenue generation
  • Improved skills
  • Better morale and dedication
  • Clearer goals

Go to www.insparationmanagement.com to learn more about how you can train your team, improve performance and save!


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Spa Management Essentials II

Increase Sales During the Summer Months

Create a Summer Passport Journey! Theme each summer month after a continent; you can do Europe, the USA, Australia, Asia, etc.

Decorate the spa in a festive way to match the countries. Each room can represent a different country within the continent.

You can sell the summer passport with enhancements, added value and gifts.

Include complimentary enhancements and a gift to match the country or state.

Your passport can include one treatment per week for the entire summer. Come up with a summer price and set up three monthly payment.

The guest will be rewarded with a stamp for each treatment they receive per/week and once the passport is filled with stamps, they will get a gift from the spa. The gift can be something that will represent high value such as a spa robe with your logo, a retail kit, or other unique item from your boutique.

This will generate excitement within your spa for the summertime and help you generate extra revenue and increase capacity!

Need help setting up the entire Summer Passport Promotion? Schedule a private CoachMe session.

Video is a great way to market your business! As a spa, you have many opportunities to get the video camera out and document what you do.
Here are some example of what you can film and post on your YouTube Channel:

  • Film your spa treatments.
  • Before and after treatment results.
  • You can get guest testimonials on film.
  • You can film your spa events.
  • You can film an interview with you or other experts.
  • You can review spa products and treatments.

As you see the options are endless. Here is what we did: we created a new website called SpaBizTV.com and I am posting mini-bite-size training sessions because I want to help you with your business. First, we post the video on YouTube and then we post it on SPA BIZ TV and then we share the link on Facebook and more.

Visit SpaBizTV.com and watch the latest episode on how to implement a consultation system within your spa so you can increase your capacity!

I encourage you to take the camera out and start filming! A DIY tip you can use without spending a fortune hiring a professional videographer. If you need more help ask us!



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