Where is a good place to purchase insurance for my new medical spa?



“Where is a good place to purchase insurance for my new medical spa?”

There are three things you need to be careful about when you’re choosing the proper medical insurance agency for your practice or medi spa.

1. You definitely want to purchase with someone who has experience and expertise in the Medi Spa industry. A regular agent is not going to cut it. So, make sure you look for that.

2. You want to make sure you’re dealing with an agency that specifically covers Medical Spa liability.

3. You want to have somebody who knows how to offer different resources that will be helpful to you with your business and be able to answer all your questions.

Do your homework and make sure you’re dealing with the best agency.

I recommend Ed Kuhn to all my clients for their insurance. Ed is based in Chicago. He’s a great guy, he has a wonderful team and they specialize in medical spa coverage.

Their website is MediSpaCover.com. I would highly recommend that you contact Ed Kuhn and they will give you a complimentary call, or you can just go online to request a quote.

They’ll do a discovery. That is exactly what you need to be covered with your insurance for the Medical Spa you’re going to open. They will ask you about your medi spa menu and what kind of equipment and lasers you’re going to have, what kind of treatments you’re going to offer, and they’ll be able to identify exactly the proper insurance coverage that you need.

Give my friend and colleague Ed Kuhn a call and see how he can help you.

Do you have a question? Make sure you send it to info@InSPArationManagement.com.

Until next time, stay inspired.

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