8 Tips to Reach Your Financial Goals

Let’s face it, we all have good intentions when it comes to reaching our financial goals in our spas or medi spas. How can you insure that intention is maximized? By planning!

Read the following 8 Tips to Reach Your Financial Goals!

1. Set up a spa gift card display area in the reception center.

Make a big fuss about gift card sales. Create a poster or a banner reminding your guests that giving a spa gift card to a loved one is a very special gift!

2. Create 3 to 4 gift card spa packages that include a retail gift.
Display these packages in the reception area.

3. Train the reception spa team to promote and close gift card package sales.
Spend some time developing a script for the reception team so they can maximize their effectiveness and close more sales!!

4. Train the entire spa team on how to promote gift card packages.
Set up a training session for the therapist team. You might have everyone wear buttons to plant a seed into your guests’ minds and open the conversation about the gift card promotions you are offering!

5. Set up team goals to aim towards a reward program.
If you want to have a record-breaking season, you need to get the entire team hyped up about this season! Set up some goals and fun rewards for them to aim for and achieve!

6. Place your gift card offers in frames and place them throughout the spa.
It’s important to promote your gift card offers and entice your guests to ask questions. Lead them to take action and purchase!

7. Marketing your gift card packages on your web site, social media sites and e-news.
Spread the word about the gift cards and packages you’re offering in your spa, and let the world know about it!

8. Measure your performance.
Check actual vs. target daily. Keep the team informed as to how they are doing! Keep encouraging them to work towards achieving their targets!

Get motivated, plan and execute! 

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What are you doing to reach your financial goals? Let us know in the comments!

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