Five More Menu Mistakes to Avoid

Menus are meant to sell your products and services, not just simply list treatments and prices! Are you making any of these five menu mistakes?

1. Too many treatment options:
Many spas feel they need to offer numerous treatments and options to cater to the needs of everyone. But when you overwhelm guests with too many options, they can wind up not taking any action at all. Keep your menu simple and your guests will gravitate towards something that suits their needs.

2. Using the phrase “Book your service”:
I see this phrase too often. Consider replacing it with, “reserve your spa experience.”

3. Not measuring your menu’s performance:
If you’re not measuring how well your menu is serving you, it’s time to start! Run the following reports to discover how effective your treatment selections are, and make adjustments accordingly.

4. Not changing or updating your menu:
How often do you update your menu? You should be doing it at least once per year. If you’re still using the word “pamper,” you’re killing your business. Shift the focus of your menu and include the latest buzzwords, like:

  • de-stress
  • balance
  • health
  • wellness programs

5. Not getting others’ opinions:
Before making a menu change, consider asking a group of your loyal clientele who represent your target market to participate as a focus group. Share with them your plans, and have them experience the treatments or products you’re considering. Afterward, discuss pricing and collect their feedback. Then, you can review the information you gathered and use that to guide your new decisions.

Summary: How to put together a menu that SELLS!

Page number:

1. Welcome — your spa story

2. Packages — signature spa treatments

3. Facial Options

4. Massage Options

5. Body Treatment Options

6. Salon Services

7. Spa Boutique

8. How to Spa

Your menu should be no more than 8 spreads. If you need help designing and writing your menu, we can help you create a unique and effective image. Menu Development Dos and Don’ts will help you build your spa’s identity, assess your current menu, help you develop new content and more.

Remember: your menu represents who you are! Investing your menu is well worth the time and money.


What kind of changes will you be making to your spa menu? Leave a comment and tell us!


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