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Discover 5 strategies for Meaningful Connections that Lead to Success!

Share the Love this February Let’s celebrate love and connections! This month is all about improving connections and strengthening relationships. Discover 5 strategies for Meaningful Connections that Lead to Success! Share the love this month with your clients, your team, your vendors and your business. Also, check out the Prosperity Seminar Series and choose the […]

Nursing Board Investigations Are On The Rise – Are You Prepared?

The rise in nursing board investigations The rise in nursing board investigations is evident both nationally and at the state level, particularly from 2019 to 2023. This period has witnessed a significant increase in disciplinary actions against nurses. Of concern is the frequent initiation of investigations based on anonymous reports from diverse sources, including competitors, […]

Maximize Prosperity With Your Medical Aesthetics Business

May this new year bring you a new level of success in life and business. We invite you to be part of this year’s theme: “Maximize Prosperity.” Watch the featured article and improve your Entrepreneurial Journeys – from getting started to multiple 7 figures. You’re invited to join us for two complimentary presentations to kick […]

Assess & Discover What Could Be Blocking Your Success

Happy Holidays We wish everyone a great holiday season, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! As we begin a new year, it’s always great to sit back and reflect on what took place this year, what you did great and what you need to improve upon. We invite you to read the featured articles to […]

Implementing A Performance-Based Compensation Model

Remember how happy you were when you first decided to open your medical spa and act upon your entrepreneurial spirit? You had big dreams and a vivid vision on how it’s going to be… delivering great guest experiences while operating a successful and profitable business. Did you make your vision a reality? Or is the […]

Reducing Your Medical Spa Product Cost & Increasing Profits

November is a time to giving thanks!  We all have so much to be thankful for—we have a great country; we work in a wonderful industry; we have opportunities to help society, and we have can be as prosperous as we wish to be.  We thank all of you for being part of the InSPAration […]

10 Legal Pitfalls To Avoid When Starting An Aesthetics Practice

10 Legal PitfallsTo Avoid When Starting AnAesthetics Practice Sara Shikhman MedSpa Attorney Establishing an aesthetic practice can be exciting for medical professionals and business owners. Understanding the most common legal issues with new aesthetics practices is crucial to avoid costly legal mistakes. Here are ten of the biggest legal mistakes to avoid when starting an […]

Fall Into Success By Super Charging Your Last Quarter!

Happy October! It’s the last quarter. It’s time to fall forward, be focused, and have fun! Read or watch the featured article and discover the best business strategies to help you Super Charge the Last Quarter’s Medical Spa Performance! To help you supercharge your performance, we are inviting you to join us for a complimentary […]

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