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Happy March!

March Into Success! This issue is dedicated to financial health! Read or watch the Dori Talks and discover how to Implement A Performance Based Compensation Model.

Also, check out a special feature on Growth and Exit Strategies options.

Get inspired with Dr. Lisa Vuich and her team in the Member Spotlight.

Product of the Month

– Introducing the newly updated VPG Compensation Model

Have a great March!

Dori & Team

Implementing a Performance Based Model - Dori Talks Banner

Let me start by asking you these questions? Are you waking up in the middle of the night wondering how you can have a healthier business? Are you wishing you had a great team who is helping your medical spa or spa business grow? Do you desire a business that is providing you financial freedom instead of stress?

In this episode of Dori Talks, I will be sharing with you how to Implement A Performance-Based Compensation Model so you can … Read More.

Planning your growth and exit strategies is a must. In reality, you should have a growth and exit strategy plan before you even start your business. What is the ultimate plan? The facts are, you build and grow your business to sell it and gain financial security for all the efforts you put in.

However, when speaking with clients the growth and exit strategy plan is often overlooked. If you don’t plan your exit strategy you will be limiting your future options.

Currently, the medical spa industry is fragmented. There are no major players. But that is about to change. There are several Private Equity firms, merger, and acquisition companies who that are very interested in the medical spa industry. We have been contacted by several of them. They want to purchase medical spas, grow them, and then either sell them as a group or take them public.

If you are looking for ways to expand and grow your medical spa, and position it to be sold for a high value, I am inviting your to register for a meeting I will be hosting to go over your options and details.

Requirements: Must be already generating $1MM + in annual revenue.

Click below to submit your information and to register for the overview meeting and gain more information about this exciting opportunity.

Do You Want To Improve Your Positioning
& Be Seen As An Expert?

Watch this episode of Meet the Experts
& call us to be featured on the next show.  

You will receive a professional video that you can post on your website,
all your social media platforms, and attract new consumers
to you by highlighting your expertise.

Click below to apply and to receive more details.

Introducing The Newly Updated
VPG Compensation Model

If you are looking for ways to improve your financial health, we encourage you to implement the medical spa VPG compensation model.

This medspa compensation model has many benefits

  • Provides targets and goals to focus on and strive towards
  • Encourages upgrade opportunities,
    resulting in increased Volume Per Guest
  • Increases retail sales
  • Promotes performance stretching to reach the highest target
  • Rewards exceptional performance
  • Provides a performance measurement tool
    to the leadership and the team
  • Fosters a motivational environment
  • Great management & recruiting tool
  • Reduces payroll costs
  • Increases profits

This program has a step-by-step process to help you develop and launch your compensation model.

  • Part I. Compensation Challenges & Solutions
  • Part II. Assessing Current Compensation
  • Part III. Employment Structure
  • Part IV. Tools to Setting up an Effective Compensation Model
  • Part V. Developing a Performance-Based Compensation Model
  • Part VI. Determining Pay Ranges by Position
  • Part VII. Compensation Mix and Targets
  • Part VIII. Creating your Compensation Plan by Position
  • Part IX. Performance Measurements and Recognition
  • Part X. Implementing the VPG Model

You will receive a video presentation, audio, and all the tools needed to set up your compensation model.

Regular price $1,995

Special $1,795

Plus a bonus: A one-hour coaching session to ensure the model is accurate prior to launching. A value of $600.

Congratulations To The RENEW MEDISPA Team!

Congratulations to Dr. Lisa Vuich and the Renew Medispa Team
A New England Premier Medi Spa & Renew Clinical Training.

Dr. Vuich is an amazing physician and entrepreneur! She and her team finished 2021 with over $4 MM in revenue and a healthy profit margin of 15%. I wish everyone was as good as them! They also increased their revenue by $1 MM over the previous year. 

She expanded her business to a new location in Derry, New Hampshire in 2019 and opened a private clinical training center where she shares her expertise and helps improve the skills of injectors nationwide!  

If you are looking to improve your skills watch the Meet the Experts episode and discover how you can connect with Dr. Vuich.

Congratulations on your success! We love having them as members of the InSPA community!

To learn more visit

Are you experiencing great success? Share it with us!!

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