Maximize Your Gift Card Sales This Season


Every spa counts on selling a large number of gift cards in December, but how can you maximize the number of cards sold?  Here are some tips:


  1. Set up a spa gift card display area in the reception center
  2. Create 3 to 4 gift card spa packages that include retail products
  3. Train the reception spa team to offer and close gift card package sales
  4. Train the entire spa team on how to promote gift card packages
  5. Set a volume target to aim towards
  6. Frame your gift card packages and place them throughout the spa
  7. Post your spa packages on your website
  8. Announce the packages in your consumer newsletter
  9. Send out an email blast with an urgent call to action
  10. Announce an award program for the team for reaching the target

 What type of packages should you offer?

You can offer 3 or four different price point packages.  My recommendation would be to run some reports and discover past price points. Identify the most popular price point from past sales.  Once you’ve identified the most popular price point, set the new package prices starting from that price and offer higher increments.

For example, let’s say your most popular price point was $100

You can do the following:


$75 gift card + $25 retail product = $100

$100 gift card + $50 retail product = $150

$150 gift card + $75 retail product = $225


Name your packages and display them in a festive way! 


How much of a discount should you give?

If you want to sell gift cards solo, offer a special.


Here is an example from one of our clients’ Black Friday specials. 

Natalie Spencer, from Renaissance European Day Spa, sold $58,000 in gift cards in 4 hours.  Here is the special she offered.  Purchase a $100 gift card and receive $100 free.  The important point here is that the $100 free cards were given in $25.00 increments (4 gift cards).

 Natalie’s Average Volume Per Guest is $100. By giving a $25 gift card, it’s like giving 25% off a treatment.  Also, the person who purchased the gift cards can give the $25.00 gift card to other family members or friends, leading new people to the spa who will be incentified to spend more money.


If you want to offer this special, make sure you do it only for a very limited time to create urgency!  Do a mail blast about it and announce the date you will do it.


We wish you all a very Joyous and Prosperous Holiday Season!

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