3 Secret Gems to Finding the Fortune in Masterminds

(Contributed by Walter Bergeron)Mastermind group

If you’re really serious about growing your spa business, you’ve probably considered joining a Mastermind group, or may now be part of one. Engaging in the power of a Mastermind group is a fantastic way to navigate yourself down the shortcut to prosperity!

Here are top 3 ways you can make the most out of your Mastermind group:

Secret Gem #1. Don’t be the smartest person in the room.
Now this may sound counterintuitive because it sure feels good to be the sharpest tack in the bunch. In a Mastermind, however, this can be a great disadvantage to you. You should seek out groups with members who are exceedingly more successful than you are. Better, take a shot and get into a group whose members are way out of your league. Your growth—and consequently, your spa business’s—will come from stretching your reach and becoming involved with those who have done far more than you.

Secret Gem #2. Pay for it.
You get what you pay for. You also get back the same amount of effort you put into something. Masterminds are no exception to these time-tested truths. When there is a sacrifice or a substantial cost to membership, you will find that you put much more effort into the group as well as demand better solutions from it. When you write that very large check for your Mastermind it will make you demand results from the group. You will not settle for mediocre solutions from them. Feeling the pain of knowing that the cost of getting in was substantial will produce results many times more valuable than the cost of the membership.

Secret Gem #3. Get uncomfortable.
Part of the power of Mastermind is to stretch your mind to what else is possible. You can do that more easily when you are in an unfamiliar place. Travelling beyond your backyard will force you out of your comfort zone and put your mind in a state that will more readily accept alternative suggestions and different inputs from others. You will need to communicate what you are thinking and reveal things about yourself and your business that are uncomfortable, leaving you feeling vulnerable and exposed. Fear not, for this is where the breakthroughs happen. If you keep yourself guarded and you will not let others in to help you, then you are wasting the resources of this powerful group dynamic.

Take these tips to heart and they will help guide you to the transformational results of a “Mastermind Fortune.”

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